xCloud further expanding to TVs

xCloud is expanding even further, this time coming to TVs in the form of an app, with only a controller required. There really shouldn’t be any surprise here.

Some important things I read:

  • Xbox is working with several TVs manufacturers to bring xCloud to TVs.
  • New subscription offers for Xbox Game Pass are being offered (potential family plan?).
  • Xbox is building it’s own streaming services, to be able to be used on any monitor/TV.
  • Cloud gaming coming to Australia, Brazil, Mexico, and Japan this year.
  • xCloud servers getting closer to being upgraded to the Series X.
  • Goal is to release a new first-party game every quarter.

And there you go, as a lot of us predicted.

The whole Xbox is everywhere is really coming into form and the Series X blades is really the final peice in the jigsaw in my opinion.


Yep this is the play. And Xbox are playing it now. Gaming can no longer be discussed in terms of hardware units sold. That is now dead. Gaming has evolved.

If the Xcloud server blade upgrade is nearly complete and is being integrated into the consoles, there you have Series X exclusives on Xbox One consoles.

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This is really great, gotta read up on the specifics before I get too carried away though.

I see the usual suspects trotting out the “now there’s no reason to buy an Xbox lol” argument

For me, this is only a good thing, more people on Game Pass makes it a more secure thing for Devs which means more games for us. Win, win.


xCloud will work like a funnel for more hardware sales of consoles and PCs


These are the most exciting part of this for me, but yes, more access is always good!


This is awesome news for the ecosystem. I remember visiting my friend and having to carry the original hefty Xbox One all the way on the train just so we could play some xbox :rofl:. Fast forward 6 or 7 years later and all I need is a couple controllers to be able to enjoy Series X quality stuff next time I go to visit.

I really hope Xbox have a huge marketing blitz planned for the gamepass related stuff they’ve announced today. I still get the feeling the service isn’t the know quantity it should be among more casual gamers. Gamepass really will explode once more are aware of the ease of entry with stuff like tvs and Web browsers. Not just game streaming but easy access to proper next gen Series X games like Infinite and Starfield without the need for a console.


It will be nice to get Xbox streaming with Series X quality on my main PC, its not powerful enough for major games but will do nicely to stream xcloud.

Series X quality streaming on my phone and tablet will be pretty awesome as well.

You will love xcloud on switch :stuck_out_tongue:

Please stop

Xcloud on switch is as dumb as Xcloud on Playstation.

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I hope it reaches all possible models TVs. of all brands. :pray:


good thing they are considering a streaming stick, since not all tvs, even smart ones, will be able to update to have a xbox game streaming app.


for $100 a streaming stick with a controller will be a hell of a bundle. Hope they price it correctly.


I wonder what will come to my Sony X900H first, VRR support or an xCloud app.

MS are already partnering with Samsung and LG for other things so it’s a good bet we see it hit those two OSs.

Safe bet it will hit the playstore for android based TVs too, I’ve never had one (last 3 TVs have been LG), so got me wondering if the playstore on TVs is vanilla or is it curated by the manufacturers?


1440p support.


I mean, Netflix, Amazon, Spotify etc. have apps on all TVs. i dont think MS will encounter resistance with the Game Pass App. i hope it reaches all TVs with android TV, LG OS, Panasonic OS (which is mine :grimacing:), TCL etc.

no exclusive partnerships, MS. pls. :pray: