xCloud comes to Brazil, Mexico, Japan and Australia November 18



Awesome :ok_hand:

And Japan too, which should have been from the start but I guess covid messed up even that

Sweet finally coming to Australia. Not something I’d see myself using but I’ll test it out.



@Shpeshal_Nick happy then i assume :slight_smile:

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Yes and NO

I’m on iOS

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Ah damn, that’s right. Hope it gets to iOS soonish then!

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My man @brunopcosta1 is gonna be the first Brazilian to hit 1mil gamerscore now

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Oh, that ship has sailed a long time ago! There are seven Brazilians with more than 1kk, and one of them is almost hitting 2kk!

But it will definitely help me reach… check notes… 200k! (hopefully)

I’m actually really surprised by the news. Over a month ago we didn’t even know if we would get the new consoles day one. And not only we managed to get them, xCloud is also coming way sooner than expected! I have much more confidence in the work Microsoft is doing in my country now!

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that’s great to hear man. Meanwhile my side, I’m doing a VPN for xcloud and there’s no set retailer for Xbox here. PS meanwhile has a retailer and the telcos are already using the PS5 as a promotional prize. On the note of gamerscore, I in the 60k range but with the low number of players in my country (we’re basically in one big Facebook group) I’m pretty sure I’m at least in the top 10 if not 5)

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