xCloud Beta not available in UK

The Xbox Game Pass (Beta) app is not available to download in UK. I thought the limited beta was available in all 22 regions before September launch!! Am I missing something here?

Works for me. The update didn’t go live until very late last night, 11pmish.

You need to grab the gamepass beta app off the android store.

Working for me also via the xbox game streaming (preview) app.

A buddy of mine from the UK is on his right now as well.

Make sure you have the right app

It says not available in my country. Oh God what have I done?

@EmergencyDoc Where specifically in the UK are you located? The beta is definitely live for people in the UK :slight_smile:

Did you install the Game Pass beta app instead of the normal Game Pass app?

Windsor and the app shows as “NOT AVAILABLE IN YOUR REGION” Do I need to be in the preview program to get the beta?


Is your Google Play account somehow not linked to the UK? Open up Google Play, go to Account and the check under Country and Profile.

Also, are you trying to download via your phone or the website? Are you using a VPN of any kind?

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You are an absolute legend! My damn VPN!!!

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Glad I could help :).

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