xCloud being advertised by big names in South Korea by SK Telecom


I really wonder how big the interest will be for this. One negative for xCloud is that it doesn’t have functionality for big screens and PC’s yet. And obv. the iOS problem, but that’s a problem for the competing platforms too.

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I think South Korea had already shown huge numbers in the preview itself that’s why they are focusing on that market and have seen big partnership with SK Telecom iOS isn’t likely a problem there because it’s the home of Samsung

Xcloud has the opportunity to be massive they just need to be agile/fast with updates and bringing it to other platforms like web/tv’s. They also really need to market the absolute shit out of it so people at the south pole even understands what it is. They need to make Game Pass a must have for non gamers and core/hardcore gamers by filling the libary with a large selection of titles from all genres which is going to be hard to do.

They either need to hire a boat load more studios or start doing partnerships with huge publishers to get their content on Game Pass day 1 or at least within a 6 month window. MS needs to have at least 1 AAA coming every 3 months IMO to keep people hooked and that can either be MP or SP only.

Just those little things no pressure. :stuck_out_tongue:


MS is doing the right thing with xcloud. I do look forward to when it’s on TV, consoles, and PC. Makes sense to get support in South Korea with Samsung. I think it will do well there.

Incredible. Xcloud will be revolutionary.

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Well you also have to remember while IOS is fairly large in the united states globally its not. Especially it markets like India, China, Korea etc. Andriod is vastly more popular because of its affordability.

Its just skewed because Ios does really well in america. Its similar to how Xbox does really well in America but once you get to the overseas markets its not nearly as popular.

Yes, Korea is Android country.

This is awesome news. I see a bright future for Xbox in South Korea! :smiley:

Korea doesn’t use Android because it’s affordable, they’re actually quite wealthy as a society. Apple, Blackberry, and Nokia ignored Korea for years, only for the Koreans to go international and usurp Blackberry and Nokia. Apple has for the most part continued to ignore Korea up until very recently, so it makes sense for LG and Samsung to be the dominant players. (There’s also a bit of Nationalism mixed in this, but this isn’t exactly the forum for that :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Heung Min Son on an Xbox ad, wow !

They need to get Blackpink now! >_<

Microsoft signed an exclusive deal with that telecom right? I hope that doesn’t become a pattern with xCloud, it being tied to specific internet providers.

Wonder if Mou approved this

I’m sure there will other choices in the future.

Blackpink in your Era?


Please… :joy:

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How you like that pun?

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Eraesistble :wink:

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