Xbox's next Gen strategy makes even more sense in a post COVID world

So we’ve all heard the weird arguments against a smooth next gen transition, saying things will get held back etc. and I know MS decided this long before COVID but post COVID this makes even more sense.

New games currently in development are going to get delayed, for people getting a Series X this fall we will get an instant universal HDR upgrade to all previous playable games, we will get instant performance increases to previous games, we are also going to get a ton of Series X enhanced games from the previous gen out the gate and most also available on gamepass.

For those that planned on upgrading to a Series X but now cannot due to financial issues you will still get reasonable game support for the next couple of years and when and if you do decide to upgrade everything comes with you.

I think people may be selling short how much better this strategy is in general and now given a Global Pandemic how it fits right in with the current industry delay issues.

In a normal gen if covid had happened Series X owners would see a huge drought of delayed games due to a pandemic and have little to play on their console. Now with BC and all the inherent enhancements Series X owners out of the box have a great incentive to go back to older games and will get a lot of Series X patches come our way which will be much easier for Devs to deliver now during a pandemic if new games see a delay.

I also always thought the “holding back” argument was always silly cause next gen games NEVER really utilize a console in the first couple of years anyway and PC is always considered to be the technically superior platform yet games on PC’s have to run on a host of different configs.

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Indeed! Game Pass in combination with BC and enhancements are gonna make sure that no matter what platform you wanna play on, you’ll always get an influx of goodness at a low price. Netflix, Spotify and such are seeing record numbers this year, no doubt Microsoft can benefit from the situation too.