Xbox's Biggest Game of the Year is Releasing Day One on Game Pass


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Going to save me and friends the yearly CoD expense, very nice.

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Huge news. Not having to pay for CoD again is great. Getting it Day 1 too is the icing on the cake. That quality first party releases never stop.

Was there an actual quote that calls out the next COD being in Game Pass Day 1?

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Yeah. I will wait. Everything is case by case basis.

Well, they said all the games are coming to Game Pass Day 1. My question is did we get confirmation that the next COD isn’t tied up in some contract preventing it.

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I think CoD Game Pass Announcement will be reserved for Showcase, especially when there’s many eyeballs on that. Of course, if they can do it this year.

Personally, if COD can’t get released on Game Pass day one this year due to a legally binding contract, I would think that Microsoft would just say it because I can’t imagine anyone getting mad or upset due to a legal issue. I think the game skips Game Pass because it would be Microsoft’s best selling game since probably Halo 3 on Xbox 360 and I doubt that they would want to pass up that huge amount of revenue.

I’m just asking cuz this post suggested it was confirmed. At least that was my read on this post. So I am curious of the source since there are a few interviews out there.

They say that their games will be going to Game Pass day one but they don’t specifically say COD. We should know at the Showcase in June since im expecting COD 2024 to be revealed at that time.

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Yes. That is why I am saying case by case basis. So I will wait until things are more clear.

Sarah Bond said in the podcast that all Activision Blizzard games are coming Day 1 to Game Pass.

She also said that Diablo is coming to Game Pass to all 34m subscribers. Are you saying thats unclear too?

Still nuts that people think CoD isnt going to be Game Passes flagship.

They did this with Starfield and will do it with Elder scrolls 6.

They want it to grow. They are still going to sell 15 million copies of CoD…but what will really make the money is 100m game pass subscribers.

I know COD is coming, I just want to know if 2024 COD is a day 1 or not.


I’m guessing we wont hear about CoD until the June show, either because of marketing agreements preventing them from talking about the next CoD or because they want to save it as a marketing beat for the big show

Sounds like the latter. It will be their “Starfield Exclusive” tagline moment for this year.

Well not everything. Just cod. Everything else easily day 1.

They said all first party games will be day 1 on GP without any exception - they do not have to specifically mention CoD to make that point.

I know the already released stuff will go on Game Pass but other than Call of Duty, does Activision/Blizzard have anything else releasing?