Xbox's 2021 Exclusives: A Guide by TrueAchievements

There’s both. A campaign and repeatable hero missions (that remind me of Mass Effect 3’s co-op). I’m not expecting the campaign to be super long though. We’ll see.

Oh wow, I just assumed the repeatable hero missions. Even a small campaign is value add for me considering how much fun I got from the original as a non PvP’er.

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Now I will say, they were unclear if the campaign can be played alone. You may need to do it 4 players (but there will be matchmaking). I think they said they’re gonn try to make Bots work if you wanna play alone, but they’re not sure yet.

Either or sounds good TBH, and given Blizzards actions in recent years, I am not going to get too excited until launch (or more sensibly after) :slight_smile:

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That alot more than I remember. Looking really forward to scorn.

already confirmed to be coming Day 1 to both Gamepass PC and Console. But yeah, when that is a mystery haha. I’m thinking May or June.

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Damn, just on temp exclusives games that’s already a hell of a lineup :heart_eyes:

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Looking forward to a bunch of these. The Accent is my most anticipated. Followed by Halo Infinite, Tunic, Sable, The Gunk and Scorn. The rest look brilliant too, but these are the games that caught my eye.

TA comments are ridiculous. People complaining about the usual AAA nonsense. Games are games and I could care less about the budget.