Xbox's 2021 Exclusives: A Guide by TrueAchievements

Great article running through the announced 2021 Xbox exclusives complete with a description of each game and trailers. Some of them I forgot about but look great!


From that list, im day one for the following -

  • The Ascent
  • Crossfire X (campaign only)
  • Halo Infinite

No interest in the rest as they’re simply not for me. Surprised Bright Memory Infinite wasn’t on that list. SMH.


What, no interest in Tunic?

I did a while back but then I played Link’s Awakening Remake and that kind of filled the void. May still give it a chance if it goes on Game Pass but otherwise, probably not.

Very good article since I didn’t know anything about half of those games, some really cool and promising stuff in there…and if we are lucky and also get some games from Bethesda as well like Wolfenstein 3, Arkane’s next game and/or Starfield 2021 could turn out a great year for Xbox. Hopefully we will get STALKER 2 as well!

I’m already waiting for most of the titles on the list, so I just breezed past the whole list looking for something I wasn’t aware of lol. But jesus christ I made a mistake looking at the comments, fucking hell.

Echo Generation, The Last Stop, and Lake look intriguing to me. But there are a bunch of games on here that I’ll check out should they hit Game Pass.

Ha, appreciate the fix on my title’s typo @Predrag! :smiley:

The Ascent, The Gunk, Halo (duh), Tunic, 12 Minutes and Psychonauts 2 will all be day one installs for me, looking forward to these games. I think we might get 1-2 more that aren’t announced at the moment.

Scorn, Sable, Crossfire X campaign and a couple more I’m definitely curious about and will give a chance.

It’s looking great for 2021, hopefully we’ll get some release dates soon (it seems Cyberpunk really changed things up when it comes to release date announcements), and maybe 1-2 more big games from Xbox Studios (Starfield? Wolfenstein 3? Forza Horizon 5? 3rd party game published by Xbox?). Exciting times!

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after seeing the list, i realised i’m also really looking forward to Echo Generation, the Artful Escape, and the Big Con as well as RPG Time. Of course these are the ones I want in addition to the ones you guys mentioned

There are a LOT of these I am interested in. Loved the indy game Virginia on X1 (under rated!) so The Last Stop sounds good. The Last Night might show up again at some point too I hope (not on list). 12 Minutes, The Gunk, Scorn, Psychonauts 2, Halo, Starfield, Forza Horizon 5, Flight Sim are also all on my itinerary. As is The Ascent even though I’ve never really gotten into an isometric view game before. Wanna see more of CrossfireX’s campaign and Tunic. Echo Generation’s demo last fall was REALLY good I thought, so excited for that too.

REALLY loving this A-AA resurgence.

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I’m really looking forward to The Ascent. Their Twitter has been pretty active so I have my fingers crossed we’ll see it announced as coming to Game Pass soon.

Also looking forward to The Artful Escape, Echo Generation, Crossfire, and Flight Simulator.

Halo Infinite above all else though.

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I really like this list…but I’m also not Mr. AAA all the time gamer. I like smaller, diverse games. In addition to Halo being my most anticipated game of the year:

The Ascent - I’m a fan of twin stick shooters, western RPGs and cyberpunk settings. This is a mashup of many things I like.

Shredders - Never snowboarded in my life however Amped was some of the my favorite gaming times with friends on the OG Xbox. This is just nostalgia getting to me.

The Artful Escape - I like 2D platformers and this game has a fantastic vibe, art and sound from what has been shown in the videos.

Twelve Minutes - I’m a fan of games being able to convey tone and unique story-telling in ways movies can’t. Trying to stay in the dark on this since the initial trailer.

Psychonauts 2 - Not on the list but since it’s Game Pass day 1 and may not have a next gen PS version, might as well be. Excited to see Tim Shaefer’s team with a budget for the first time in awhile.


I find a lot of people are like this, just the loud minoirty screech online about every single game must be AAA or else it’s really shit. I want AAA games, I want AA games, I want indie games and everything inbetween. We wouldn’t get things like Fall Guys and Among Us if we only focused on AAA games. Time and time again the smaller games become bigger hits and start a new craze it’s becoming rare for the AAA market to have these sorts of things.

Like MS seems to be aiming for is 1 AAA game every 3 months with AA/Indies filling out the rest inbetween those AAA games. That is a perfect scenario for me and it excites me :smiley: another thing people seem to forget is there is many types of games and there’s a lot of different type of games that will be on Game Pass so they can’t rely on 1 type of game or size.


This is a great list. And they don’t even have all of them. There’s probably 10-15 Xbox exclusives I’m gonna play this year.


Yep same here, plenty of choice there…

And I’m not even bothered that much by Halo.


Yeah I don’t want to be the judge on what anyone should like. Some people play literally only one game. Some one genre. I love trying different things and shorter games are welcome. I’m wiling to do a big game maybe two to three times a year. The Twitter list wars are just boring. That’s not gaming. Who makes the rules on what “counts”.


My Halo hype is kinda stunted too. I’m gonna play it for sure, and when it gets closer I’ll probably get more pumped. But for now, Overwatch 2 has taken all my shooter hype.

Yeah the PvE content has me hyped for Overwatch 2 TBH even if its a “simpler” repetitive experience and not a traditional campaign.

Good overview. I’m looking forward to The Artful Escape, The Ascent, Echo Generation, The Gunk, Lake, Scorn, Shredders, Tunic and Way of the Woods. But my most wanted is certainly Twelve Minutes which reminds me of Sexy Brutale, a game I thought I would not enjoy but really liked in the end.

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