XboxMusicEra - Let's make a Tony Hawk Soundtrack! (Pitch songs for the inevitable next Tony Hawk game)

Somewhere down the line, there’s PROBABLY going to a new Tony Hawk game (if it’s exclusive or not is a different topic). So let’s make a theoretical playlist to a Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 6 or 3+4 of THUG 3 or whatever they would call it.

Tony Hawk is usally a mix of punk, rock, metal and hip-hop/rap. So take some new bangers or your favorite old school jams and let’s create one helluva Tony Hawk soundtrack.

I’ll start:


Locker Room Bully by Destroy Boys

Ghost Story by Teenage Bottlerocket

Say Yes by MXPX

She Got Arrested by The Interrupters

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Here’s the real pitch - buy Platinum and make a Tony Hawk character action game. Your skateboard is the only weapon you need.

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