XboxEra's 2024 Backlog Challenge |OT| Surely this is the year?

Anyone here using some sort of site to organize their backlog they can recommend? I’ve looked at a few and tried some but nothing really feels like what I want.

I would like something where it’s both functional and with some flair. I like making lists and get a nice visual overlook of my games at the same time. Organizing things is kinda fun, and I have my Excel sheets lol, but I’m in the mood for something pretty.

I just made a spreadsheet for mine. Handful of tabs for each system. I exclude PC because that is a lost cause.

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I keep meaning to play those dlcs for outer wilds but it’s been a long time since I played that so wasn’t sure. I tried to get back into the game and do a run on hard and just picking it up again took a while to get used to it.

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The DLC is fantastic, but I’d agree that Murder is the better of the two - captures a noir vibe that I really dig.


I use True achievements for my Xbox collection. They also have true trophies for PS and true steam achievements for steam. Although you can manually add games to your collection, I like that they automatically add anything that you get an achievement or trophy in, which takes a lot of work out of it. Their collection system allows you to sort by a bunch of metrics, as well as add columns of different data to each entry. The games can be labeled a lot of different ways as well.

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    • .5 - Dragon Age: Origins - Return to Ostagar DLC. I loved the deep dive of the new Dragon Age, so I needed to scratch that itch and DA:O is still my favorite in the series (haven’t beaten Inquisition… or 2 because they didn’t hit me the way the first did, still great). Didn’t realize that I had basically all of the expansions/DLC to beat. This one was a singular new location and quest line, but it was a nice trip down memory lane - both because of the nature of the quest and the popping of new achievements from a game I last earned one in 2010…

Total = 10.5


Yeah I felt after so long since last playing I’d lost connection with the characters which probably didn’t help.

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Definitely the better of the two and the vibe was good :+1:


I was thinking of joining back up to Backloggery, been about a decade since I used it tho.

Having a browse and this one looks alright -


I need somebody to control the family settings on my Xbox and block Starfield. My backlog is cooked.

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Excel is great but would be nice to have something more like game art added. Then again easy to edit on excel. I’ve moved some games to a semi-retired list but then found some other games I’d bought and forgotten including Greedfall. :sweat_smile:


Monday again and time for an update! Keep up the good work everyone!

Current leaderboard:

  1. @Zip 19.5

  2. @Searsy82 16

  3. @SilentJay76 16

  4. . @ Jorge_Alexander_Acos 14

  5. @Knottian 10.5

  6. @ACyberRazorCut 9.5

  7. @vrinn 9

  8. @profjjj 5.5

  9. . @ Mort 4

  10. @MasterLeePhD 3.5

  11. @Rodya 2

  12. @APOPHIS1989 -2


I am making good progress! I expect to be in the positive numbers for the next leaderboard! Then I will be coming for you @Mort! After that, you better keep an eye out @Zip! Lol

  • +.5 - Wolfenstein II: The Diaries of Agent Silent Death. I really loved the story of this one, led by Claudia Black’s titular character - a war-time-assassin seeking revenge for the torture and murder of her husband. The writing was solid, and the pulpy vibe was even stronger than the last (only have one left now). Definitely recommend the DLC for this game, 8/10 for this one.

Total = 11


I’m happy with that as set out 10 as a target and to not buy any new games. Thanks to gamepass I’m good for the latter and any backlog clearances now are a bonus. So it’s time to step away from the backlog for first time and try Hellblade 2.


I’ve no doubts that someone will surpass where I’m at - but I’m good with that, just trying to challenge myself not to buy random stuff so much and to play a bunch of what I already own. So far it’s been working, and I’m also putting things on a wishlist so that I can keep track of them for the future and make sure I’m still interested. The great thing about this challenge is that we can all win if we work at it, because we’re challenging ourselves :slight_smile:


Dipped into the backlog and started up Dragon Age 2. A bit of a struggle since everything seems dumbed down compared to the original game. So far it has really short fetch quests and a bland world, you forget how much things like level design/art have come on since 2011. Story and characters are pulling me in, so I’m going to try and stick it out.

Really want to start getting through my physical 360 library, since it’s getting to now or never time.

Also, I didn’t realise some 360 games playable on XCloud.


Good luck, the gameplay is why I haven’t touched DA 2 in a decade… I need to rewatch the deep dive on the new one, because I just need something at least a little more actual-RPG than 2.


The story especially the second half is so good. Varric is such a bro and Anders is one of the most interesting character in the franchise.

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I’m determined! Sometimes I do feel a bit swamped with Game Pass releasing excellent games all the time, but really need to get over feeling of fomo and just realise I realistically can’t play everything.

We should have another non backwards compatible 360 sale soon, too!!! Because I totally need more games :wink:

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