XboxEra's 2024 Backlog Challenge |OT| Surely this is the year?

I got my physical copy of Baldurs Gate 3 yesterday, and my partner was like “well I know what you’re doing tonight!” and I was like nope! Not touching it yet cause I know it’ll take me forever to finish and I don’t want to start that yet :blush: (plus honestly I still need to finish up some quests in Starfield and get to my first NG+)…

I have something else I’m finishing up and then going to start either Minecraft story mode 2 or Tales of Kenzara Zau next. Or both :grin:


Nice! I’m still waiting on mine.

Yeah… it’s a big game. Very, very, very good one though.


System Shock Remake +1

Faithful Remake of one of the best immersive sims out there. Gives you that survival horror feel like the OG Resident Evil. Item management, relief when you find a safe space and old school gameplay that let’s you get lost in the world without a care. Loved it.

Still can’t believe I backed this 8 years ago.


Damn, 8 years? Well, it’s cool that it actually released eventually.


It’s absolutely crazy when you think about it. I was only 30 then :flushed:

Really good remake but I recommend a Walkthrough if you don’t want to get lost or furstated. I went in blind and had a blast tho!


I was a backer as well (albeit a late one), but had to get a refund during the pandemic when I switched jobs. Luckily, I won a copy of it last week!

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I saw posts about zero point games, mostly from game pass, so I shall do that as well! My 2024 zero point completions:

Garden Story- an enjoyable metroidvania with some crafting

Turnip Boy Robs a Bank- I loved this humorous Rogue like so much that I completed it in one sitting!

Astroneer - This crafting sim is so much more fun once they added coop play!

Persona 3 Reload - currently my frontrunner for GOTY! I was addicted, playing 75 hrs in February alone! I have now become a fan of the series, it’s spinoff Soul Hackers 2, and hope to enjoy what it’s a spinoff of, Shin Megami Tensei, as well as the new Fantasy themed game Re:Fazio coming later this year!

Frog Detective - A short, happy go lucky detective game that was surprisingly fun

Citizen Sleeper - My pick for GOTY last year! It really is special, despite its looks. Gameplay is extremely basic, roll dice then use them to complete actions, but made deeper with light RPG leveling mechanics. But where it really shines is the storytelling, not just the main story, but every small side quest and even one off interactions with a character. I am not afraid to admit that I cried after experiencing one of the endings. I can’t wait for the sequel later this year! Maybe it will overtake P3R as my GOTY pick?

Amnesia Rebirth - This is a textbook first person psychological horror walking sim with some scifi elements. I loved the setting, characters, puzzles, story, and the slight scifi elements. I still don’t know which ending is the “correct” one, which is a hallmark of a good story!

Human Fall Flat/Grounded/Farworld Pioneers- lumping them together because I was carried through them, so I shouldn’t pass judgment on them.

Raven lock - An amazing retelling of Alice in Wonderland as an action adventure with slight RPG mechanics that helped me come to terms with moving across the state.

Vampire Survivors - A Rogue like game that I originally didn’t get the hype for, but ended up loving in the end!

Norco - A futuristic point and click adventure game that is done extremely well with its setting, characters, and time jumping between the two main characters.

Little Kitty, Big City - Another charming adventure game that I was so engrossed in that I completed it in one sitting! As a bonus, one of my cats also enjoyed watching me play!

Maquette - A short puzzle game that revolves around the titular Maquette, which is basically a small model of the area you are in. It slowly adds complexity to the levels so that by the end, you feel a sense of accomplishment when you complete it.

Gang Beasts - I somehow completed this party game in under 90 minutes, but I couldn’t tell you what it’s supposed to play like.


I wanted to like this more than I did, I loved the original Turnip Boy game but I was looking forward to a sequel to that and the change in game type kinda threw me off. I’ll have to give it another go.

Yeah this one was interesting. Had some good humor to the writing even though the design /etc was somewhat lacking. I loved the moments where the developer broke the 4th wall, it was fun. The mysteries were also amusing.

I need to finish this one too, I got sidetracked and didn’t finish it.

This one is an all time great in my books. I ended up buying it even though it was in game pass and I’ve got all the dlc I think. It’s not my normal at all but it’s so goooooood.

Just finished the other day!

I’ve got this installed but just keep not playing. I’ll add it to my mental “soon” list.


+1 Telltale Batman The Enemy Within

Some good story here and enjoyed it but I started it so long ago I wasn’t remembering why Bruce was in the situation he was in.

Went with Tales of Kenzara Zau when I finished that and about 1/3 through it. Good music and art in it, it’s quite good looking.


+0 Botany Manor, loved the puzzle solving, pretty graphics and chilled out nature of the game, plus the biography we got of the character living in the chauvinistic Victorian society (so dumb when you think they were ruled by a Queen)

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+0 Venba

A short, charming cooking sim with a story of a families journey across the world to fit in, but also not lose your culture. I enjoyed learning of Indian culture and food, so much so that I want biryani for lunch!


I was hungry the entire playthrough lol. Really enjoyed that little game, it had the right ingredients (pun intended) that I like. An interesting story and a look into a culture I have no experience with. One of those Game Pass gems for sure.


Yeah, I think Mort & I had a little conversation when I completed that one as well, really enjoyed the story & the pacing of that, and obviously the food :slight_smile:

It’s nowhere near as good as what I’d get from a restaurant but I think I have some frozen biryani from Trader Joes (US specialty grocery chain that I believe is owned by Aldi Nord from Germany) so might eat that for lunch :drooling_face:

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I live in northern Germany (Nord = North) and never knew that Trader Joe’s was a whole chain in the US. Over here it’s mostly the “American” brand for things like peanut butter, brownies and hot dogs. (And dried fruits and nuts.)

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I actually took some deutsch in high school and college, and took a short trip around some of Germany, but it’s been like 20+ years. Yeah here it’s a chain that has smallish stores usually not super close to each other. started in California I think and was bought out decades back I believe. Also I’m just now eating and we did have one left…


+0 High on Life

I have mixed feelings about this one. Although I enjoy Rick and Morty, or any Dan Harmon comedy for that matter, and 3D metroidvanias, this one really didn’t stand out. I didn’t feel connected to the characters, the story, or the setting. Not to mention that the game has a ton of collectibles, missables, and grindiness. I think I enjoyed Journey to the Savage Planet better, even though it had much less budget.


Splinter Cell Double Agent +1

Was surprised it was 2006 when this came out but reading about it was both Xbox and Xbox 360 back in the day. I enjoyed the story on this one and playing out the double agent role. I also remember why I probably didn’t play it back in the day as not the best Sam Fisher and end up spotted a lot lol

Would be interesting to see if they could bring this franchise back. I do have blacklist in my backlog so may role on that one at some point.

As much as modern games get some criticism and not always fair playing these older games I do wish they had the improved mechanics and controls we get now. Also I think better graphics have spoilt us as going back to these you wish they had more polish. Guess thats where the remastered versions of games are so popular.


+1 Layer Section and Galactic Attack S-Tribute

A rivival of two classic Taito arcade shoot 'em ups. A short, easy completion to progress various contests, including this one.

For full transparency, I maintain a list of over over 100 easy completions and map them out onto a calendar, this game was today’s game. On busy weeks, I just put one big game on the calendar, otherwise I put three easy 1ks on the calendar. It helps me go through my backlog, increase my gamerscore, and increase my completion percentage. Currently, the calendar is mapped through the end of September. I don’t know if it’s healthy, but I like to plan things, have lists, etc.


-1 Wrestlequest

I saw this at a showcase a few years ago but never got around to playing the demo until now, while the game is half price. Although I am not a wrestling fan, I like the turn based combat, RPG mechanics, and the fact that you technically play as toys.


Another week, not much movement but some nice completions as always. Keep up the good work everyone!

  1. @Zip 19.5

  2. @SilentJay76 16

  3. . @ Jorge_Alexander_Acos 14

  4. @Searsy82 14

  5. @Knottian 10

  6. @ACyberRazorCut 9

  7. @vrinn 9

  8. @profjjj 4.5

  9. . @ Mort 4

  10. @MasterLeePhD 3.5

  11. @Rodya 2

  12. @APOPHIS1989 -4