XboxERA's 1st Annual Holiday (Gaming) Haul:

A fat man in a red suit breaks into your house in the middle of the night.

He leaves behind wrapped packages containing a variety of items.

Post your holiday haul in XboxERA’s first annual holiday haul thread!

Did you get that shiny new Series X or S? Did your confused mother/grandma/girlfriend/boyfriend get you a One S by accident? Did you get nothing and liked it?



I got:

  • Giftcards (which I promptly used to score BIG on Amazon & Best Buy)
  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Some other cool stuff non-gaming related.

With the giftcards and sales deals from Amazon/Best Buy I scored myself:

  • Miles Morales PS4
  • Yakuza: Like A Dragon Series S|X
  • Star Wars Squadrons (5 BUCKS with Giftcards while on sale!) Series X
  • Resident Evil 3
  • One more month of GPU.

Dude, the amount of Giftcards + Deals was insane. I’m ready with my Series X BAY-BEE. Like the Christmas/Post Christmas deals are insane right now. Squadrons is 20 bucks! 20!


I got nothing gaming related tho🙂

I got a Series S. Loving it so far. Much smaller in person than I was expecting. Cyberpunk runs very well on it.


I got a €60 gift card but i have no idea what to buy with it because nothing in the current Xbox Live sale excites me.

  • Play and Charge Kit
  • Falconeer
  • Ghost of Tsushima
  • Gears Hivebusters Cap
  • Burnout Paradise Remastered
  • TLOU 2
  • A year of PS Plus

Playing Tsushima right now. Great fun and does some incredibly innovative stuff with the open world and minimal HUD. Combat is smooth as hell, and the game overall looks and feels great. I only wish the camera locked onto Jin, but that’s a fairly minor thing once I turned up camera speed. Standoff mode is awesome.

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2 x $25 xbox gift cards

Saving that for a rainy day when I run out of games to play.

As far as gaming related stuff I got:

  • Cyberpunk 2077 (Xbox)
  • Immortals Fenyx Rising Gold Edition (Xbox)
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Gold Edition (Xbox)
  • Divinity Original Sin 2 (Xbox)
  • Spiderman Miles Morales (PS)

Very nice!

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  • 50 euro Xbox gift card
  • Gears Tactics
  • Yakuza: Like a Dragon (Day Ichi Edition) - I haven’t played a Yakuza game since the first one on the PS2 so I am really excited about this!
  • Terminator Resistance
  • Huntdown

Not bad overall.

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  • Cyberpunk 2077
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
  • Dirt 5

Excited to get into Dirt 5 this morning. I’m going to wait on Cyberpunk until the new year following some more updates. AC will keep me busy until then.

I got $125 in Xbox gift cards and $100 in Target gift cards.

So far I used Target to buy Age of Calamity and Paper Mario for the switch. And bought Yakuza Like a Dragon for Series X

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Got the kishi so I’ve been trying out xcloud all day

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If I’m not counting the PS5 and Series X, my wife bought me Age of Calamity. I bought some games on my own, but it was a light year in terms of gifts in general which is absolutely good for me. At a certain age, the whole gift receiving thing started feeling a bit weird. Or I’m just weird.

I feel ya.

I actually didn’t get anything this Christmas, so things did feel a bit weird. Wife and I had to spend far too much money on the house this year, so we made sure the kids were sorted, but got nothing for each other.

So no haul at all for me! Some mighty impressive hauls here already!

Got nothing unfortunately. My girlfriend wanted to get me a giftcard for my xbox but she’s in a different country and I probably wouldn’t be able to redeem it from America. That sucked.

Been hearing about the house stuff on the podcast. My wife and I have been through a few of those, and most recently a move overseas so I know the feeling of tightening the belt, even if you have “fun funds”.

We were kind of similar in that we got stuff for others outside our little family unit (no kids, but an old pooch). Now that I think of it, I was able to gift a few games this year to friends/family: Ni No Kuni to an 11-year old daughter of a friend, and Baba is You, Prey, Cosmic Star Heroine, and X-Com Chimera Squad to various friends. So hey, at least I got the joy of spreading that gaming love around this holiday!

Bought during Boxing Day sales so still counts. Picked up a 1TB Samsung T5 portable SSD for $108 (AUD)

Wow. I didn’t buy anything in the Steam sale or otherwise. I just played Gears 5 Hivebusters and Warcraft 3 to be honest…

My kids gifted me a digital copy of Immortals: Phoenix Rising. My wife gifted me a wireless Steelseries 1X. It is my first wireless headset, and I quite like that it will work on my Series X, my Switch, and my PS4 Pro. I picked up a DTS Headphone license on sale on the Series X , and I’m pleased with the sound.

As far as gaming purchases, I surprised my son with a Series S to take and keep and his mom’s house along with three years of GamePass. He is quite the snoop and hard to surprise so I actually told him “secretly” ahead of time that he was getting the GamePass and I was giving him my Xbox One X to take to his mom’s. The surprise on his face when he opened when he opened the Series S gave me one of the best Christmas feelings I’ve had in a long time.


First Christmas since I’ve been playing video games where I didn’t receive a single gaming-related item. Maybe I’m too old…

Kiddo got his own Series S to take to his mom’s so that we can play together when he’s with her.

As an aside… anyone keeping their Series X in a Kallax cubicle? It’s got a good 1.5” clearance from the top of console— wondering if that’s enough space to keep it from overheating? Trying to tidy up the gaming loft.

Technically nothing for Christmas since I got the XSX amd PS5 launch day last month.