XboxEra's "12 Days of XMAS" Game Code Giveaway

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XboxEra, in case you haven’t noticed, isn’t like other publications out there. We’re independent and completely community funded – and we owe that community so, so much.

From our wonderful Patrons, who have supported us from tiny upstart to where we are today. Our YouTube members, that tune in every week to the podcasts, and to the broader XboxEra Community, who provide so much discussion, fun, and gaming chit-chat across our Forums and our Discord. As always, if you’d like to support us directly, just head to our Patreon Page.

In short, in our 4th year since we began, we’re now in a position to give back. And we are going to do so – in style.

Starting tomorrow, (December 13th) we’re going to be giving away GAMES.

Lots of games.

Every day.

Right up to Christmas Eve.

How many games, you may ask? (It’s a LOT)

The Give-Away Schedule!

Day Games
December 13th (DAY 1) Teardown and ModPack x 2,
The Invincible
December 14th (Day 2) F1 23, NHL 24 Ultimate Edition
December 15th (Day 3) Katamari Damacy Reroll,
Need For Speed Unbound
December 16th (Day 4) Lords of the Fallen, Remnant II Ultimate Edition
December 17th (Day 5) Resident Evil 4 Remake, NHL 24 Ultimate Edition
December 18th (Day 6) Street Fighter 6 Deluxe Edition + Add ons,
UFC 5 Deluxe Edition
December 19th (Day 7) Madden 24 Ultimate Edition,
FC 24 Ultimate Edition
December 20th (Day 8) Immortals of Aveum, Wild Hearts
December 21st (Day 9) FC 24 Ultimate Edition, Need for Speed Unbound
December 22nd (Day 10) Persona 5 Tactica, UFC 5 Deluxe Edition
December 23rd (Day 11) Armored Core VI, Madden 24 Ultimate Edition,
Naruto Baruto
December 24th (Day 12) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III (Vault Edition)
Wild Hearts, F1 23, Baldurs Gate 3
That’s a metric shit ton of awesome games.

I mean just look at that – so many incredible titles from across 2023. Teardown, Resident Evil 4, Street Fighter 6, Persona 5 Tactica, Armored Core VI, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare III and 2023’s Game of the Year, Baldurs Gate 3. And many, many more.

How do I win?

To enter, you’ll need to be paying to attention to the artist formerly known as Twitter – every day, we’ll post a new image for the giveaway. It’ll look something like this:

Just make sure you like, follow, repost and subscribe to us on the ol’ YouTube, and we’ll announce our winner(s) the next day, right before posting the next set of games we’ll be giving away. There’ll be a winner for every game we give away, so it’s always worth a shot.

From the whole team at XboxEra, we hope you’ve had a great 2023.

Here’s to an incredible 2024.


Holy… that’s a lot of games!

XboxEra :green_heart:

Good luck everyone. :slight_smile:



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It’s a reference to the musician Prince.

Very generous of XboxEra. I don’t have a twitter so I won’t be participating but I hope it drums up some interest in the site!


I make it a rule to not RT giveaway stuff and I think of only done it once or twice in my 15 years on Twitter but I’ll do it here because I think it’ll be a great way to get exposure for Xbox Era. Especially the YouTube sub part.


Obviously, interested in this - but how do you track the link to YouTube, if my user account is different?

good luck on the giveaways to anyone using Twitter still! Last day and some great titles there.