XboxEra Podcast |OT| - Better than the other one you listen to

The way today has gone, I don’t think I can do any gaming youtubers content or podcasts for a bit. Not even this one. Sorry guys

Seems like a good time to catch up on others things

I would like to take this chance to thank the site mods for staying on top of things today. Particlarly Soul, Proven, Jess and Knottian. You guys are the real MVP’s of this place. And anyone criticizing them today. I don’t care who you are…pull your head out your ass and realize how lucky we are to have these guys


I’ll be back this week. I’ll keep Nick under control…or I’ll try to at least :stuck_out_tongue:


Plot twist: Nick will actually be calm and the definition of serenity about the situation :wink:.

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GoldenEye 007 :laughing:

I didn’t specifically mean this podcast will be too negative. Just that it’s such a depressing subject, while also being an unavoidable one. And I wouldn’t want anyone to try and sugar coat it

The overly negative crap has been so much in such a short period of time, I don’t want to see or hear anymore for now. Regardless of how it’s handled

Then again, I do love you guys so I’ll probably tune in, live at least for a littler while, or on replay. And I’ll be sure to leave like and may a patreon question if I do it in time

I’ll be glad to see you back either way

ColtEastwood is on the show, so he’ll be a nice contrast to the news this week.



Grilled Octopus :octopus:

Can’t believe you got Colteastwood to sing the Friends theme song :musical_note: That definitely needs to be included in a future highlights video of the podcast :rofl:


I was going to skip watching this episode live, as I was tired and not in the best of moods. I watched it live. I’m glad I did. By the end of the episode I was in a much better mood. Thanks for the laughs.


He was too good, we might get DMCA’ed!


Agree, I didn’t watch live, and I skipped many podcasts this week as I just feel so drained. Watched after the show went offline so I could skip if things got too down, but ended up enjoying the show immensely.

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Also starting to get over the nickname @Shpeshal_Nick, it was fun at first, now not so much.

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I trust these gentlemen’s opinion

Sounds like I need to catch the replay

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That gif can be used for a lot of threads in this forum. :sweat_smile:

Just found out what that gif is about

Let’s just say I’m glad I stopped listening to a certain gaming Podcast that’s on every Tuesday. And Colt was great on this episode. I did check out the replay and it was good overall (great job guys). I’m now a even more happy for Colt that he got his own Podcast and isn’t always on the one I’m talking about. With vindictive manchildren who sik their Twitter followers on people

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No worries

Well I’m worried. What’s he got against the name Nick?

It’s a perfectly nice name