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I know Charles Cornell, I listen to his music analysis all the time. He does loads of pop culture videos, from games, anime and movies. I recently posted a Halo music analysis to the Halo Infinite thread.

Anyway, anyone interested in the video mentioned on the podcast can watch it here:


@Doncabesa I have another twist on the quiz. Rather than “Name the Game”, it’s “Name the Date”. The aim is to name the release year of a game. It doesn’t have to be accurate, but you gain points for every year away from the correct year, up to a maximum of 5 points. For example, Doom Eternal is a 2020 game. If someone says 2020, that’s no points. But if someone says 2018, (or 2022), that’s two points. The winner is the player with the lowest points.

The buzzer is used by the player who thinks they know what the year is. But in a reversion, the player who didn’t buzz has to give the year first. Once that player gives the year, the buzzing player can then give the year. The player who buzzes first always has the advantage of holding the answer, while the other has to guess.

Because giving a year is far easier than having to work out synonyms, a time limit of between 10-15 seconds can be given before a round ends.

Hints can be given either by

a) decades (eg. games between 2005-15 or games between 2000-2010), or by b) generations (eg. 360/PS3, or OG Xbox only)

Working on a new look for the podcast. New going live, intro, background, and logo from @Predrag


Nick: “Which one of the planets is a gaseous planet, Mars?” :thinking:



Tweaking the new look a bit. Making the text on the left a little bigger and will try to always have something showing in the middle of some sort in between matching it to the current discussion


NO SHAME :triumph:

…Now, as you were, ladies and gentlemen… :dotted_line_face:

(Actually, taking this image made me realize how much genres “these games” take on. In this image there is: a traditional DRPG, a traditional JRPG, a pinball game, a shoot-em-up, an open world “brawler” (stripper?), a “classicvania”, a third person shooter, 2 rail-shooters, a “vr shooter”, and a traditional ARPG


It works!

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Catching up on a missed podcast today, episode 194, on the way home from the office

“Is it though” was the highlight ! Superb.

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Hey Jon, Nick, and Jesse :slightly_smiling_face:

Just wondering would it maybe be a good idea to skip community questions this week? :see_no_evil:

@Sikamikanico @Shpeshal_Nick @Doncabesa


To be fair it did seem to be a Jon Clarke / Tom Warren sandwich which finally kicked the hornets nest. It didn’t help it all broke when ILP was live either.

Why? It’s already been put out that Sik isn’t in this week’s poddy, it’s Nick, DonC and K Asante.

They would most likely need to set aside 6 hours just to try and get through the community questions! :sweat_smile: Someone would need to call an ambulance for poor Jesse :rotating_light:


Another excellent (and fun AF) episode yesterday, K Asante is always a great guest…dude is only about positive vibes and has very good chemistry with Nick, Jesse and Sick (when he is present that is)! Also the discussion around the Fortnite rumor mill (Nick pls…-_-) was hilarious @Hue and @As4ssInEntertainment were the MVPs in that section! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: :laughing:

Regardless if Xbox will be dead or not XboxEra is an awesome site/community and that is what matters the most, keep up the great work guys.


100% it’s a fantastic little community here! :grinning:.


Just catching up with the podcast.

Great show guys and thank you @Sikamikanico for clarifying the whole ‘situation’. I think ironically I’m also guilty of not using the correct verbiage in my patreon question.

When I said Phil shutdown Starfield & Indy, I was referring to the short-term. I think we all still expect some further games to follow based on this new ‘everywhere’ strategy. At the moment we don’t even know how long it will take for these initial 4 games to appear on other platforms.

I’m still skeptical any of these will be the ‘big’ singleplayer exclusives, but yes maybe in several years they do port Starfield or another big game (again I didn’t get this message from your article).

I think to be so open ended we could speculate that Xbox has ‘considered’ releasing all their games on other platforms (in the future), however with the quantity of ‘new’ exclusives we would have at the point they eventually release these games it may result in a further ‘nothing burger’.

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Can we get @RandalThor19 on later considering he didn’t get to podcast yesterday? :slightly_smiling_face:

@Sikamikanico @Shpeshal_Nick @Doncabesa


What a fantastic evening, thank you all so much for your incredible support. It means the world to us, especially with the big plunge @Sikamikanico just joined me in taking.


That was one hell of an invasion! :sweat_smile: Congrats to Jon in joining you full-time :partying_face: I thought maybe Nick looked a little unwell towards the end when he had to leave briefly? Hopefully he was OK.