XboxEra | Our Patreon Evolves

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200 Episodes.

5 Years.

Over 570 game reviews.

4000+ articles posted on

Over 1.5 million hours of watched content on YouTube across nearly 5 million video views.

XboxEra is all about community, in everything we do. We built this platform for Xbox fans, because we felt you were either completely underrepresented at best and at worst, completely disregarded in entirety.

All this success, all of the growth we’ve seen is down to our community. And, in particular, our incredible Patrons.


We launched our Patreon back in 2020, and its grown, slowly but steadily. We needed it because surprise, running a website, a dedicated forum and producing so much incredible content isn’t cheap. And our community came through for us in spades.

In return, Patrons have often received cool, exclusive merch designed by the incredible Predrag, and while that’s all well and good, we’ve decided to refresh and EVOLVE our Patreon offerings.

Today , we’re launching our Loyalty Program across the “Supporter”, “MVP” and “Executive Producer” to offer more variety and more value.

For our Supporter Tier, you’ve been inundated with just sticker packs long enough – now, for every 3 months you support us, you’ll one of the following items – firstly, a mini-print exclusive artwork from Predrag, a sticker pack at 6 months, another artwork piece at 9 months and then an exclusive XboxEra T-shirt at 12 months.

For our wonderful MVP’s, a similar theme – but with much more valuable loot to claim – first up a Mug at 3 months, a full-size poster, a t-shirt and then a long sleeve t-shirt at the 12-month mark.

And lastly, for our incredible Executive Producers, who truly go above and beyond – you’ll receive a poster, a T-shirt, a long sleeve shirt and to cap things off, a premium XboxEra Hoodie once you hit the 12-month mark.

Anyone currently subscribed for the existing merch run should still receive it, and then will switch over automatically to the new Loyalty Program. We hope you like the change as much as we do!

But that’s not all!

A Big Announcement for Sikamikanico

Since XboxEra began, our entire team have been working incredibly hard to be the best place on the internet for the best coverage on Xbox in addition to generally level-headed gaming content, without the clickbait. As of today, I’m taking the terrifying step into working on XboxEra full-time.

What that means is that from this week onwards, you can expect more content- more previews, reviews, me talking to you at the camera with my stupid opinions, and more shows!

Starting very soon, Jesse and I will be taking to the youtube airwaves in a twice weekly gaming news focused stream, XboxEra Headlines.

I’ll also be delving into streaming with our new general “all purpose” hangout show, aptly named (you guessed it!) XboxEra Hangouts.

My first stream, as requested by some jerk in our Patron community, will be me streaming Alien Isolation. This will initially be exclusive to Patrons before going out for wider YouTube availability.

We have plenty more ideas in the works, but suffice to say, this is the next step in gearing up to even more of our team being able to commit to entertaining, informing and providing for you lovely lot now and in the future.

One last perk for Patrons!

Back in 2020, we announced a Kickstarter for a book. At first, a simple venture into book publishing, ended up turning in a 2+ year saga as we dealt with pandemics, global conflicts and on a personal level, massive life changing upheavals.

Our community stuck with us, supported us, and I’m pleased to say that all the books have been sent to backers.

We were a much smaller publication back then, and many Xbox fans missed the opportunity to get hold of a copy. I’m pleased to say we have some stock left over from our initial run, and we’re now giving our fans the opportunity to buy this incredibly limited first edition of the XboxEra Celebrating 20 Years of Xbox book which are available, RIGHT NOW, on a store exclusively available to our Patreon supporters.

Check out the Patreon Lounge in either Discord or our forums for the link and it’s first come first served, so act fast!

To all of you, Thank you – for everything.


Awesome news. Congrats and thanks for making an even further commitment to the community.


Thanks man! Here’s hoping we can grow the Patreon enough in the next 5 months to be sustainable! Otherwise I’ll have to go get a job and stuff


Excellent news!

I almost feel bad for getting more loot at my level but I’m very excited!

@Sikamikanico going into this full time will be a major boost to the site, really looking forward to all the content.