XboxEra is launching a Patreon!

If you’re a current fan of XboxEra, you know the whole team has been working hard to bring you the best of the Xbox Community to the forefront via our reporting, videos, forums and podcast.

The whole team works incredibly hard to make our content professional and engaging and it’s extremely rewarding to see the huge amount of support and positive response we’ve had since we started just over a year ago.

As we’ve increased our scope and our efforts to meet our ambitions, we’re finding we’re spending more and more time as a team on the various aspects of our channel, our site and our forum.

Your viewership, engagement and passion has blown us away.But if you love what we do, and want more from us, we’re offering you the choice to contribute to our team so we can do more .

Starting from today, you can now become an XboxEra member on Patreon.

Since launch, the site and everything we do has been completely self-funded. But running a site and a server for the community forum has a number of costs attached to it, and as we grow, those costs are increasing.

While by no means a requirement to participate, if you can spare the cost of a cup of coffee to help us keep things running, it would go a long way. It also enables to focus more on features and improvements without having to worry too much about how we fund it.

We’ve tried to come up with some attractive options for our Patrons, that are both reasonable and achievable for us, but also provides neat perks for anyone looking to contribute. From exclusive badges, achievements, community credits and for the extraordinarily generous among you, exclusive “merch”.

You are under no obligation to help out, your participation and support is incredibly valuable to us.

Times are tough at the moment, for everyone. But if you like what we do, what we stand for and want to help build our community, you can.

Welcome to a new era for Xbox.

Welcome to XboxEra.





Waiting for my new shiny tag and such …


I had a feeling this was coming, given the nerves surrounding this week’s podcast. Consider me on board.


Just an FYI for folks, our forum will pull details from Patreon every 4 hours and update user group, badges and achievements.

We wanted this to be a surprise, so don’t worry if it doesn’t update straight away! :slight_smile:


Thanks for everyone making this possible. This could help us achieve even more, with the forum, the website and the YouTube channel. But, most of all, with out community.

We’d love to keep creating content and conversation for everyone for years to come.

Much love.



F5 F5 F5 …


Broken keyboard now? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Happy to support everyone here! Really enjoying this community a lot. Glad to see it continuing to grow.


Consider it :white_check_mark: . :slight_smile:


I signed up to the patreon but my question is, my email for patreon and xboxera are different so how will I be able to get the badge on xboxera? @Proven

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If you don’t see Associated Accounts part in your profile (Patreon is one of them) that is because you have 2FA activated.

To make it work:

  1. Disable 2FA (go to your Preferences > Account)
  2. After that you will be able to see option to connect with Patreon)
  3. Connect your XboxEra account with Patreon
  4. Wait for forum and Patreon to sync, which will update your profile (this takes up to 4 hours)
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I had the same issue, so I added my Patreon email as an alternative for my XboxEra account before logging in with my Patreon account. It appears to have worked.

Edit: Or do the above, which seems to be the better/proper approach.

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Thanks I have done that also, will do as Predrag has suggested also.

I did as you suggested but do not see a connect with patreon option, only Facebook, Google, Twitter and Discord. I did add my patreon email as a alternate and that has seemed to work.


Supported! Love what you guys have done forming this community!


You guys have my currency adjusted $30 bucks. Don’t spend it all at one place


Just posting to see my new tag.


You madman, thank you!

First ever Patreon, I usually roll my eyes when people ask for people to sign up but XboxEra and the podcast is really worth it! would hate for this to go under.