XboxEra Community Hangout |OT8| Waiting for E3 2023

Any other Atlantic Canadians? Stay safe.

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Shit. Stay safe.


“In Mexico, Mexican Sign Language (LSM) has become official. Let’s learn the most common phrases in the world of video games.”


I watched a bunch of Scorn’s previews and impressions and I’m mostly positive about what I heard about it. The major catch is that the game doesn’t seem like it has a specific formula or genre to describe it, it dabbles in a bunch of different genres and play types but is mostly centered around presenting and taking in the very unsettling and gross atmosphere and progressing through environmental puzzles.

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Not for me. Hope the people who are interested in it enjoy it.


I must say, I really enjoy this new Microsoft with Satya Nadella at the helm. It just has a more enthusiastic and fun vibe looking from the outside.


Me. We got a lot of food and water and a lot of gas for our generator, and windows boarded with plywood. We’re basically in a direct hit zone. Ain’t this gonna be fun…

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Ouch. Take it easy. So sorry.

Im hoping metroid prime esque. Dont know why mire 3d games dont go down the metroidvania route

It’s why Microsoft is up there in terms of legitimate big corporate to invest in. For a while, they have this lineup called FAANG that doesn’t revolve with Microsoft, but lately, they take a second look and see them as worthy investment. Satya made Microsoft dare I say great again.


It’s hilarious to me how Microsoft must play by the rules by the media and Sony… they must do things they the media and Sony approve.


Not sure if this is anime or Game related?

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Anime . Its like literally in the account’s name .

Yeah, I’ve never seen anything like this before. Just a couple of trees down so far, from what I can tell in the dark.

Aaaaah, yes. I did not look at the name. :grin:

Because it’s not easy…there’s a reason Prime clones (and Ocarina of Time clones as well) are not types of games that we see often in the action adventure space. There’s a whole other layer of complexity doing a metroidvania when compared to open world or linear due to balancing things correctly, progression being a much more difficult thing to implement plus levels have to be immaculately designed. I wish that we would see more Prime-esque action adventure games too but developers choose the much more safe open world design (especially now that budgets are so high) because it’s something that publishers can market much easier plus open world sells.

What @DARK-PARADISE described though sounds pretty cool to me and I am much more interested in the game now for sure.

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I was expecting Scorn to be a metroidvania at first when I read its description, but it doesn’t seem to be actually one, but does probably have lite elements of it in there.

I’m with you, I wish more 3D metroidvanias existed. The metroidvania design just feels so good in 3D spaces, even an overall average game like Darksiders 3 was elevated a lot by its metroidvania design.

You guys talking about Fiona?