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Well at least it will have campaign at launch :man_shrugging: :rofl:

But Halo Infinite it seems to be really humongous this time. So many stuff to be released eventually for it.

maaan, 343 can’t catch a fucking break. I’m disappointed co-op and forge isn’t at launch, but halo content creators will fucking tear this apart the coming few months now, smh I’m already tired of all the videos being made on this now from all the content creators I am following. Fuck.

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For me it’s not a big deal because I was planning on checking out campaign solo first anyway. But man…the way things have been going for this game are… problematic. Changing engine in the middle of development won’t make things easier, but neither does important people leaving the project. Hopefully that’s a last for the franchise and XGS in general.

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Try Dragon Quest XI!

it’s just that this is gonna sour mindshare all over again after having such a phenomenal E3 showing and the MP preview being universally positively received. Now they released 26+ minute video and absolutely none of it will actually be talked about in the media compared to the small fine print that Forge and Campaign co-op won’t be at launch. I’m not thinking in terms of how affected I’d be, but how much the game is riding on thin ice with its incredibly volatile fanbase and its gonna make it hard for everyone to engage in any conversation without these things coming up and poisoning all of it.

Can we please keep Halo discussion to it’s OT? Thank you very much.

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Agreed man.

It’s just a goddamned, fucking shame that this is happening to such an amazing franchise. Truly wish everything had been smooth sailing and nothing but positivity and good news. We can only hope it will get back to that eventually. I think everyone was expecting a full, complete package at launch, especially so after that year delay but this won’t be the case.

At this point, especially for the campaign fans it’s more important than ever to actually release a nice gameplay clip of it. Show how it looks now, show what we can expect when we get to play it. It’s Xbox’ biggest team, I doubt a handful of people can’t make a gameplay slice.

Alright, will do.

They released these news on Friday, hope next week we gonna get good news.

MS, purchase something! Then people will enter another acquisition frenzy state and forget about everything else. I mean, Bethesda’s purchase carried basically half of the year. And it still warms the heart.

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Going to hang out here and talk about the halo news for a bit while I play some Quake Remaster.

I just don’t feel like the game would work without the plot. The plot is what makes it fun. Games like Binding of Issac and Spelunky don’t need their plot as much.

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Rough two days for the forum, haha


Thankfully we’ve got Psychonauts 2 real soon to alleviate some of this.

I personally don’t care much. We won’t see campaign gameplay for a long time anyway. I just want some big acquisitions and new project announcements.

Watching a video by Colt about GTA remasters and he said that one source claims to have seen a snippet of it and said that the visuals reminded him of a heavily modded version of a classic GTA game.

I have my doubts if that’s true because some of these mods bring way better detailed character models and cars and that’s a lot of work to do. Unless Rockstar paid these modders for those models? Well, we’ll see.

It’s now time for Xbox to cut the Series X|S price in Brazil:

  • Series X: R$ 4,349
  • Series S: R$ 2,649
  • PS5: R$ 4,399
  • PS5 DE: R$ 3,899
  • PS4: R$ 2,599


Why rough two days?

Quake followed by Halo Infinite, haha.

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gotcha, I feel the quake thing was very light and its like whatever since its a remaster of an old game. It’s easy to see that was made to generate hype for future titles that will be exclusive, and it most likely was a game that was in the works before the deal, so no point buying out exclusivity for it

Drama queens…


I’m glad that you said for the forum and not for the Xbox brand, because it is only bad for folks who are still fighting the old battles.