XboxEra Community Hangout |OT11| It Goes To 11!

Not watching what were the points?

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thats crap. what about bc games only available on the old store?

Were there any left? I think the last remaining games that were BC but only on the 360 store got delisted earlier this year.

This was my own “graveyard” from when they announced it was the final BC update. Checking now the Dynasty Warriors games (almost all of them in fact), Armored Core Verdict Day, and Eternal Sonata are still purchasable so it might not be a license issue (maybe they ran bad on the emulator and the team couldn’t solve it?).


i think there were some left. i looked into it at the start of the year but all whats left for me was too expensive on the old store so i just bougth a disc version on ebay.

the situation sucks. i hope they do a big sale at least.

do some quick points

  • Doesn’t think they should drop console parity due to what was promised of the series s, and cloud version of games would be a disaster
  • Value proposition of series s 1tb model isn’t that good when its $50 less than PS5 digital when most will most likely choose the latter
  • Missing out on a big release like BG3 is huge
  • Questioning Forza split screen delay
  • They feel there’s still a market for series s
  • Said they should’ve launched a digital series x instead of series s
  • Wondering how third party devs will handle the S in a couple of years
  • They said they heard from devs that making for series s does take a bit of extra work to make it work
  • They said the Series S has been mostly fine, but needed to have convo due to BG3 and potential roadblocks down the road or if other devs might delay
  • For the most part they said parity should remain
  • They feel xbox PR might have to just give reassurance about the S due to a lot of the FUD around it at the moment due to BG3.
  • Overall it was questioning how it handles rest of the gen, but they said other than BG3 it’s all been fine for the most part.

so literally no oringal thought in the whole podcast.


Checks console release date.

I think they will be fine lol


Yeah, I think BG3 on xbox will be bigger, but still weird to delay. I am very curious how split screen performs on PS5 because at the moment on PC it’s not running well on very good hardware tbh.

I’ve said it before. if Starfield is everything it looks to be and play’s stable enough on S, there’s little excuse for everyone else

Obviously some games are different and require different amounts of resources or have pointless resource heavy features that nobody cares about…but those are and will be exceptions

Nobody is saying S isn’t extra work, of course it’s more work, it’s another SKU and it’s less powerful, they already have to deal with this on PC so while it’s excuse, it’s not a good one

Series S biggest issue isn’t a bunch of clowns with bad takes on twitter not understanding how things actually work, it’s convincing casual gamers out there that’s it’s worth picking one up and they will do that by delivering big high quality games

The one thing I do agree with is the 1TB Series S, it feels not only pointless but far too expensive, I got my regular white S for £190 last year and yes they should also be working on getting a digital X out there too

That just tells me it’s never been a priority to begin with, the whole xbox debacle just feels like an excuse

Also here’s a hot take from me, I could see Starfield having less bugs and issues and the PS5 version of BG3, BG3 is an absolute mess for some people and that’s on their main platform


Yeah, if the Series S was actually cheap and not just less expensive I could see the point but throw in another $50-100 and you have a PS5.

Pretty much

They should be working on bringing down S’s price as much as they can, especially if Slim really does launch at $399


going by sales numbers, the consumer does not have an issue with the series s’s price.


While I acknowledge developing for two consoles is more cumbersome than developing for one, Series S is such a great entry device into the Xbox ecosystem, especially if you plan on using it as a secondary console, like I did.

Granted, it has become my primary console by now, though, so I will definitely get the X once next gen rolls around (provided they repeat the S|X strategy). But without the S, I would likely not have gotten an Xbox to begin with.

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If S didn’t exist, id still be relying on xcloud on my XB1 to play current games


Uh oh…

This near constant Series S discussion feels like when I connect my phone to my house’s speakers to play Tiny Tim songs to annoy my wife. :smile:


I didn’t even realise this was out

Also lol

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