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Even I find games, Atomic Heart is really fun.

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Sucks that Xbox has no games.


That’s true /s

  • Even with my picky taste, there are four standouts in that image that get me excited.
  • I already paid a lump sum for my GPU subscription, so I can try some of the other 10 without breaking the bank.
  • Glancing at Jesse’s awesome thread, I see at least four more games coming to Game Pass that excite me.
  • In the meantime I’m accruing rewards points to spend on third-party games and DLC, while getting cash back for it.
  • I can use that cash in the MS store, for more points and cash back, or I can shop around at other retailers for game codes, or even discounted Xbox gift certificates.

Xbox is bar none the best place to go if you want a lot of bang for your buck (at least in the US). Xbox has many games, and they can be cheap as hell.


Haha. The year is truly crazy if you’re finding new games to play. lol :slight_smile:


Indeed :joy:


I just realized today would have been a good Starfield release date by Todd standards, 3/3/23

2 ruined it. No 2!

Whatever happen to the Starfield showcase anouncement. LOL I’m starting to really hate these so-call insider,

Hire that ̶m̶a̶n̶!! (squirrel)


On one hand maybe they want to have all the cool Bethesda news in one week. So, previews on Redfall and on top of that they announce Starfield show for the next week. But on the other hand…maybe they don’t want a Starfield show announcement to take the “shine” away from Redfall attention.

But that’s because this week would have been perfect for an announcement and have the show two weeks later. Most of all I’m just tired of the guessing. We can only wait.

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That’s Fallout 5 release date…



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Hey, cheer up. We might get to see Avowed before that at least.


So uh…has anyone gotten Diablo 3 via the Free Play Days via Gold to work? Im trying to play the necromancer expansion which is included but when I launch the game it asks me me if I own the game or app, even though the game is installed.

Just wanna play necromancer before D4 drops :confused:

I can’t even seem to install it. It shows in Free play days, but only options are for buying.

I installed it via the website but it still won’t let me play. Oh well, 500 other games in my backlog to work through!

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Nothing will ever beat the Dreamcast launching 9/9/99