XboxEra Community Hangout |OT| Safe Space no longer required (Part 1)

Tales of Arise is up there on my most wanted list and well Elden Ring is up up up there

I think Jeff’s uncertainty in saying when the Elden Ring trailer shall be shown is now gonna be challenged by the trailer getting leaked lol, I definitely think Bandai will want to get in on this ASAP and release it themselves. I don’t know if that means rescheduling the whole damn event because of this though, that’s a tough ask.

Maybe Arron was so clear because he knows Elden Ring will be shown soon where is fire there is gold

Imagine if the the trailer drops today…

Yeah for sure. The debut trailer still looks so good to this day.

That would be a shame if it leaks before they can reveal it. But knowing the internet…it can leak any second of the day.

Hope this Bandai Namco Next is soon, and they better have Tales of Arise, because if not, that ain’t a good sign. But I am damn sure it’ll be there.

check this thread I made for more updates on this

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And yet some still peddle the assertion that Covid should not be an excuse for game delays or issues surrounding game development.


humor :grin:


I hate you

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Welp they got me

I just wanted to ask without making a whole thread… Is there a XboxEra community discord? I search the site a fair bit and not found anything?

:rofl: . he got me too :sob:

Not that I’m aware of it. Anyways some up for Halo sometimes again?

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Ngl, if that is Elden Ring, I’d play it 4 times and buy it 5 times.

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Gave Rage 2 a fair shot. Pretty game with satisfying combat but aside from that its just mega boring. My goodness is the world empty and its just drive here, kill bandits and repeat.

Just got myself a Razer Kishi and this thing is actually very cool. So much better than a controller/phone clip IMO, though it is much more expensive.

The B + A buttons keep fucking me up because my muscle memory is kicking form switch and thinking it’s the other way around :joy:

Anybody else got one?


It’s killing me each time

Great accesory that I had to get replaced by Razer cause half of it stopped working :skull: doesnt help that I have a Note Ultra which stretches the whole thing.

Rand in his new video talks about the Bethesda “event”, he seems pretty sure it will be a article on Xbox wire where Phil will give us the answer to the number one question since day one, exclusivity. And a video like inXile, NT, Obsidian had about what it’s like now that they are at Xbox etc.

But that is like mid March, not this week.