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XboxEra is all about community, in everything we do. We built this platform for Xbox fans, because we felt you were either completely underrepresented at best and at worst, completely disregarded in entirety.

Back in 2020, we announced a Kickstarter for a book. At first, a simple venture into book publishing, ended up turning in a 2+ year saga as we dealt with pandemics, global conflicts and on a personal level, massive life changing upheavals.

We’ve seen the constant demands for an opportunity to get hold of a copy of our first ever Kickstarter, Celebrating 20 Years of Xbox, and we felt awful that we don’t have the means to secure a publisher and bring it to retail, and believe me, we really did try.

So, as always, being XboxEra, and forever pretending we’re far bigger and more capable than we are, we’re going to roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves.

As we’ve just broadcast our 200th Episode of the XboxEra podcast, it’s time for fun announcements and celebrations.

I…and I can’t believe I’m willingly doing this again…I’m pleased to announce:

XboxEra “Celebrating 20 Years of Xbox” 2nd Print Run.

We’re bringing back the original book, in all it’s glory, for an immediate second print production and distribution.

What’s New?

The only change we’re going to make is to allow ALL backers to our 2nd Print Run to submit their gamertags for the in-print “Community Section”, and outside of that very minor addition, we’re not going to mess around. 

No crazy stretch goals, no extras, no mucking about. You back it, we hit the funding goal, our publisher immediately starts production, and then we ship it.

What does it contain?

  • 360+ pages containing a full and detailed history and timeline of every game ever released on the Original Xbox Console.
  • Special double page spreads for historic titles that became synonymous with the Xbox Brand, featuring games like Halo: Combat Evolved, Fable, Halo 2, Knight of the Old Republic, Splinter Cell, Jade Empire, Ninja Gaiden, Project Gotham Racing, Crimson Skies and more.
  • Excerpts and interviews with your Xbox Community, with contributions from ‘Founding Father of Xbox’ Ed Fries, as well as journalists like Tom Warren and Jeff Grubb, or amazing content creators, like Klobrille, ColtEastwood, Rand Al Thor 19, ForgeLabs, ModernVintageGamer, Miles Dompier and more.

You Asked. We’ve Answered.

Since our original backers started receiving their copies, we’ve been inundated with requests from Xbox fans who wanted a copy for themselves. Maybe their favourite content creator shared their copy online, maybe they spotted it on Phil Spencer’s infamous shelf. Either way, we knew we had to find a way.

We're looking to gauge interest in how many #Xbox fans out there are interested in getting a copy of "Celebrating 20 Years of Xbox" book we successfully kickstarted.

Do you want to get a copy of the book?

Please Retweet!

— XboxEra (@xboxera) January 13, 2024

So we asked our community, and although our reach is small, over a 1000 of you said yes.

Now we need the 1000+ Xbox fans that responded positively to our poll to quite literally help us make it happen.

The good news? Once it’s backed, the timeline from successful campaign to getting the book into your hands is wonderfully simple.

A Big Thank You to Our Community

Everything XboxEra has achieved in the 5 years we’ve been around has been down to the amazing community that cheer us on. Thank you so much – all of you.

If you’re an Xbox fan, and you value having a publication focused on your favourite console and the community around it, you can support us directly on Patreon – and we’d love it if you did!


Where would we submit our GamerTag for the Community Section? Thanks!

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When we do the backer survey, you’ll be asked then to submit your gamertag, then I get them in a nice long spreadsheet! :slight_smile:


Id like to get this book but from reading the OP I dont get how/where I should contribute.

Anyone care to elaborate?


XboxEra: 2nd Print Run | “Celebrating 20 Years of Xbox” by XboxEra — Kickstarter

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R their any available still prior to the kickstarter ?

The ones already printed i mean