XboxEra - An Unofficial Custom Theme

As I did with ResetEra, I decided to make a custom CSS theme for the XboxEra forums; purely to bring things inline with my own personal preference. My ResetEra theme was well received and XboxEra required a ton less work, so I thought I’d upload it for others to use. I dislike ‘light’ themes, so I wrote that one up pretty quick; hopefully I didn’t miss any colors (I just modified the dark version).

Instructions on how to install can be found at the link. Please note I’m no professional; Everything I’ve done is via reverse engineering and am I self taught, so if you notice any issues feel free to let me know.

Make sure the built in site theme matches whichever you choose in mine as I rely on some default colors. I also recommend going to your profile interface preferences and set ‘Text Size’ to ‘Smallest’. Some features:

  • 3 options (Dark/Light, show/hide forum banners, show/hide thread preview images)
  • Wider layout – Utilizes space better.
  • Less padding – Get more content on screen!
  • More color – Easier to distinguish where some posts end and other begin.
  • New unread indicator – to the left of each thread is a thicker border; if this is green there are unread posts.


That`s very nice. Options are always welcome.

@Iso This is super awesome work! We should make official themes from your work, so the community can use them or set by default from the user preference page.


Great stuff @Iso. Appreciate members getting involved so quick.

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Cheers, I’m using it now.

Amazing work @Iso I love it.

Fantastic! The current UI on the forum is a bit cumbersome (especially without pagination) so I do hope this gets more traction!

Glad you guys are enjoying it! I’m still making tons of tweaks (most shouldn’t be noticeable), so to get my updates you need to open the extensions ‘Manage’ option and click this icon:

As for making it an official theme-- most of what I’m doing is CSS injection overtop of the already applied CSS; so I think additional work will be required. I’m actually going through it right now and theming overtop of the default stuff I was relying on the base theme for, so that it won’t matter what the site default theme is set to, my theme will overwrite everything.

For now you still need to have the site base theme set to whatever you set mine to in order to get all the color matching correct.

Does this work with Edge?

It does; I only use the new Chromium version of Edge. You can install Stylus from the Chrome Extension Store since they’re based on the same back-end (Chromium).

Thank you! I was just saying in one of the other threads that the default theme is too narrow on my monitor and this theme fixes it. Awesome :slight_smile:

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Amazing work. A master builder for sure! :green_heart:

As a massive Halo fan (especially the Greg Bear novels), I appreciate the title :smiley:

LTTP but just came across this and it’s fantastic! Excellent work @Iso