Xbox Wire: "South of Midnight: The Hidden Details in that Gorgeous Reveal Trailer"

Was looking for more info for South of Midnight and found a pretty lengthy interview with the Creative Director and the Narrative Producer/Creative Specialist for the game, David Sears and James Lewis respectively. They go over things like how important music is for the game, the big character seen in the trailer named “Shakin’ Bones” and the inspirations going into making him, as well as their experience working with Microsoft.

Looking forward to seeing more of this game. Im liking the vibe!

From the work of William Faulkner to “Night of the Hunter”, the team is crafting a game world that aims to feel new to players, and an honest reflection of the real-life region through a Gothic lens. “South of Midnight’s world is definitely a magically real place, much like the actual South,” Sears continues. “The South is a sultry, sexy, mysterious place that has not been in a lot of games. Any amount of wandering in the country is going to lead you to speculate that there might be more than what you’ve been led to believe. I felt like the South was underrepresented, and it deserves an honest love letter – it deserves its time in the spotlight.”

Hazel is set off on a quest to repair a broken world, most particularly by taking on mythical creatures – all based on real-life folklore from the region the game takes its inspirations from. And it’s going to get weird.

“The game is loosely inspired by me tramping around forgotten farms and abandoned places in the in Mississippi,” explains Sears. “I found artefacts from the Civil War, through the Depression, and more modern weirdness. Like a tree with doll heads nailed all over it. Why was that there in the middle of nowhere? Someone went to a lot of trouble to cart all these doll heads out into the middle of the woods, and then nail them to this tree. That’s the kind of stuff that you can expect from our world in South of Midnight. It’s based on the real world – but sometimes I think the real world is actually weirder than we’d like to think.”

All of this combines to make for a setting and tone that games haven’t represented all too often – and it’s seen through the eyes of a similarly singular character.

Lots more in the article!


As a mood piece that trailer was really good.

Really enjoying the various graphical styles this gen has brought. This looked like the visuals of Spider-verse.

I love the artistic styles Compulsion are doing with their titles, they just need to bring the gameplay to match.


Love the art style. Hope it carries over into the game.

Artstyle, music and mood were great.

do we know anything about the genre this game is in?

I think according to Jez it was a 3rd person action adventure game with heavy southern gothic horror elements.

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Press release also says 3rd person action adventure so Jez was on the money.

I thought the trailer was great as a mood peice and certainly tells us the style of the game will be interesting.


It was from the Jez doesn’t miss era of leaks. (We are in the Jez often misses Era of leaks now).

Very cool trailer, now we need some gameplay. Perhaps in future directs or else next E3.

Southern gothic action. Extremely cool.


Can’t really jude it right now. I will wait for more details.

Loved the vibe and setting. Music too. Need to see gameplay/combat loop but definitely far more interested in South of Midnight now than I ever was in Contrast or We Happy Few.

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The information in that article makes the game sound really cool. I wish the trailer communicated more of that because I wasn’t really impressed by it, but the game actually sounds neat.

It will be a while, but now that it has been announced, the waiting game can now begin.

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Looking forward to the music just as much as the game itself :notes: Remembering how special the soundtrack was to a game like The Flame in the Flood.


This was my game of show

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This will be good and unique just like their previous games. One of those games I will probably forget about until it’s here and then be happy when it arrives :grin:

Nice all these details, but having seen it would have been even better. I guess it’s probably not a 2024 title.