Xbox version of Gal Gun Returns cancelled thanks to the Certification Team

Bad look for the xbox team I reckon and does not do any favors with the japanese market if they plan to do this.


Pretty funny this was going to be censored on Xbox but not on Switch. You would think it would be the other way around. Hope Xbox does not continue this, it really wasn’t a good decision, as it may hinder getting other Japanese games on Xbox.

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Thats what the ESRB is for and we have a ratings system in place. I find it hypocritical that you promote a system for gamers and creative freedom but anime girls is a line you dont want. Pathetic.

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Yes, also I’m pretty sure Cyberpunk 2077 has full-on nudity, even though I haven’t played the game yet. How come they want to censor this but not Cyberpunk? Doesn’t make logical sense to me. And it’s the choice of the consumer whether they’re fine with what’s in the game. Leave the choice to them.

What kind of stuff in this game would neee censoring? It some soet of hentai game?

Age of the characters possibly. Now, it’s not uncommon to see localization change ages 14-17 to 18 and above due to local standards, but when a character has the body, voice and personality of a 10 year old, “1000 year old dragon” or “she’s 18 guys!” may not cut it.


Nintendo doesnt have a problem with it and neither does PC.

Xbox doesnt need to be playing big brother for this stuff when there are rating boards and stuff that handle these disclaimers.

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No, it’s more ecchi, without nudity.

It is very odd to me that Nintendo doesn’t have a problem with it since they always seemed to want to “protect the kids”

I guess Xbox follows Playstation censorship policy :confused:

No wonder the Switch is soo much popular among the Japanese population.

I do agree that the ecosystem should support adult content though, and that the store should gate it off somehow.

Sure but not with minors… actually it already does, CP2077 has sex scenes.


Nintendo doesn’t care unless it’s about their own games. See Tokyo Mirrage Sessions. Some Cuts there are awkward.

The game is about idol’s and yeah…

This was an exception from the Wii U era.

Hmm Nintendo hasn’t made a similar game since then and the Fire Emblem saga has many censorship history too.

Back to gal gun

I think the mini games where you have to erect girls by shooting her with a click to gain point was a bit to much for Microsoft. This game does not have nudity but certain aspects are common with Ecchi Animes.

For some reason the game industry has problems with nudity or sexual subjects in it.

There are soo many shows about college and school with similar topics. Sex Education anyone? But games none really. I guess this has something to do with how young the media still is.

I know all this since I grown up with Anime :sweat_smile:

I think the game doesn’t come to PS4/PS5 either for the same reasons, though Sony is even more strict with the censorship.

Never thought I would see the day where Nintendo is more lenient and censors content less than Sony and Microsoft. Wow.

Watched that video with the girl singing and while she’s obviously dressed more sexy in Japanese version, there’s no nudity or sexual content so I don’t understand why that would even be censored.

As long as all the characters are 18+, I for one will never ever understand why companies or anyone for that matter would ever be against nudity and sex. After all, how the hell do people think they got here? By falling out of the sky? SMH.

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For some reason teen movies/showes are totally fine and games still act like gaming is a kids thing. Yet have more brutality than any other medium :man_shrugging:

Agreed. It makes zero sense.

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My guess is it is because of the character’s ages or appearance as being too young,s omething more common in Japan, and MS wanted maybe to protect themselves against eventual law-class actions or things like that.