I just want to make it clear that this is my opinion, and I hope to see everyone’s opinion so I can know everyone’s take on the matter.

I want to share my view because, after seeing everything Xbox is doing, it makes no logical sense to me that they don’t have the option of a HYBRID-CONSOLE on the table.

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I personally would love a handheld, the common argument I see on here is that we already have one with the ROG Ally, Claw and Legion Go however they are not seamless experiences.

I currently play on my Nintendo Switch most due to its hybrid design.

A dedicated handheld where the performance could be benchmarked and perfected for each game and without Windows 11 updates would be awesome :sunglasses:.

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A hybrid console won’t offer the performance that their customer base wants.

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While there are PC hand-helds like ROG ALLY, I believe Xbox must do one too.

A lot of Switch’s sucess is relative to its hybrid design.

And Gamepass is PERFECT for hand-held consoles thanks to the majority of indies there.

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As for Microsoft doing a hybrid gaming console, no thanks. First and foremost, with all the handhelds and cell phones out there, there’s truly no reason to do a hybrid console because they don’t need their own handheld. Second, if the specifications are in the handheld like it is with Switch, the console will be two generations behind which would be horrible in my opinion. Third, all the third party games would be watered down like they are on Switch which would make PlayStation the default console even more than it already is. So nah, no thanks to Microsoft having a hybrid gaming console.

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I think it’s a much tougher battle to take away from Nintendo market share compared to Sony . They def need to experiment and provide a unique experience but unsure stepping into Nintendo’s market is it

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There is a problem with that. Their customer base already prefers to play in a weaker hardware in comparison to the competition. 75% SS vs 25% SX.

Xbox made the Series S as a secondary console. The leadership said it in court, that it was planned to compete with Nintendo. The problem comes with the huge gap between SS vs SX, plus PC that also has Xbox games; making SS lose its purpose and become a problem for SX, like we saw with BG3.

That’s why they can take that problem and turn it into an advantage by making Xbox a HYBRID-CONSOLE. Making those 3rd party games more attractive to the platform where you can play how and where you want.

As for their most hardcore fanbase, they tend to play in PC; especially shooters.

Welcome to the forum!! I would like them to differentiate from PS and Ninety so I support this!

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I get your point. And what you said is true.

But I think is better for Xbox to have its own identity and stop being known as a direct rival to PS. With ABK + Zenimax + XGS, they have the capital to start doing their own things and more AA games like Hi-fi Rush and Pentiment; and with the support of indies and AAA publishers, they have nothing to fear.

A hybrid-console can also attract more audience and more subscribers, making it safe to make games that would otherwise not even be an option. Studios like DoubleFine and ToysForBob would benefit from this.

You’re welcome.

Problem is that Microsoft already has an identity for Xbox which is Game Pass and the ability to play their games on console, PC, mobile, cloud and via subscription. Having a hybrid gaming console wouldn’t give them their own identity, it would just be copying Nintendo’s.

Launching their next console in Fall 2027 would allow them to get a head start and potentially huge lead over Sony’s PlayStation 6 like they did during the Xbox 360 generation. One console, $500. Disc drive included. Basically, next generation Series X. Launch with first party games and have a great launch year lineup along with some good third party support of next generation games that could only be played on Xbox would be what could give them a bigger audience.

As someone who’s had an Ally for about 3 months, and who in that time have spent maybe 75% of my gaming time with it and the rest on my Series X (all hail Play Anywhere and cloud saves) I would love for the next console to be a hybrid one.

I think there’s an opening in the market for a high-end portable/hybrid console. One positioned as a halfway point between the next Switch and the next PlayStation.

I’m sure that on this forum I’m in a minority, I see enough talk focused on frames and graphics and other performance metrics to know that much, but I think there’s plenty of gamers like me out there that want the style of games that Xbox makes (compared to Nintendo) but who value portability and versatility over raw performance.


On the contrary, I think is much easier. Nintendo’s audience is more casual and don’t care about buying another console. Its true that Nintendo IPs are unbeatable, but Xbox also have IPs that can attract that audience, especially after ABK. They can also make Minecraft their new flagship IP.

The idea to make Xbox a hybrid-console is to be its own thing, stop being just an option for those that don’t want PS; just like Nintendo did with Switch.

And with those rumors about making Xbox exclusives multi platform being true; now more than ever the Xbox consoles need to stop being compared to PS and be its own thing.

Let’s not forget that Gamepass is the new core business and is PERFECT for hand-held consoles with all those indies.

I am the same as you.

And Xbox has a lot of IPs and gameplay mechanics unique to its brand that failed at the time, not because being bad games but the Xbox’s audience at the time was full of shooter lovers.

Now its different, those games can find its own audience thanks to Gamepass and even become big hits.

A hybrid-console and Gamepass is a combination made for sucess. A console where you can play how and where you want, and a subscription service where you can play what you want.

And indie developers will get more support in Xbox consoles.

May i intrest you in an improved series S handheld with a GPU docking station to turn it into an improved series X.


I will buy one if PalWorld launches on such a hybrid console. I want a handheld.

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I hope that strategy works.

I still believe a hybrid-console is more fitted for the Xbox ecosystem, especially their catch phrase “Play everywhere.”


I agree with the idea that mobile devices fit into the ecosystem, but I like the idea of them leaning into things like Steam Deck, All, Legion, etc that are already out there.

They partnered with Meta on Quest 3, Samsung on a TV app, and I’m sure there are other examples. Just keep making ways to take my Xbox experience across screens where possible.

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Palworld is the best example of what game Xbox players want.

I believe there is no better time to remake Rare’s old games, especially Viva Piñata with a more bigger garden and more than 100 piñatas as residents. They can even take 1 or 2 feautures from Animal Crossing.

Releasing a hybrid-console with a new Halo, Crash, Viva Piñata and the remakes of Oblivion, Fallout 3, Prototype, Banjo, Conker and Grabbed by the ghoulies. That’s a line up that will sell millions day one.

Give me some idea of the specs you expect from a hybrid

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Out of the handhelds that are currently on the market (Switch, ROG Ally, Logitech and SteamDeck), which one is the best spec wise? Is it the SteamDeck which sells for $650 if I remember correctly?

I just don’t see how Microsoft could do a hybrid unless they charge $800 or something like that which I believe would make it dead on arrival.

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