Xbox Series X unboxing video


Wow… now thats how you package a console

Im not playing this video, would ruin the experience for me, tbh.


Don’t it’s a nice surprise

If I has secured a pre order I would have skipped it but since idk when I’ll even get one I decided to watch it

I watched it. But doing it yourself on launch day is still a different experience, so I’m fine

That’s a sweet packaging setup. 4 more weeks to go!!!

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That new console smell :gimme:


So close

Yeah, don’t watch it. I wish I didn’t watch the video. It will ruin the initial launch day newness.

Anyone else literally cringe when he dropped the controller? :joy:

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packaging is stunning and looks really nicely done but dam could that guy have thrown it round the table any more lol

YT video in OP has been made private so here’s another link

How can someone working at a warehouse be allowed to just grab one of those consoles to open it up? Is he going to repackage everything and sell it like nothing happened?

Edit: he says thanks to MS for sending it to him.