Xbox Series X/S release date possibly November 5th? Controller warranty might be the clue

So I got a hold of the following image that came from the new Xbox controllers that seem to be out in the wild.

Shows here the warranty expires November 5th 2021. So the console and controllers are due to release then

Also here’s an unboxing video for fun


I was making this lol. Very interested to see what happens.

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You snooze you lose

It’s a very good guess. November is too packed to not have anything to do with a launch line-up.

Yakuza is coming out November 12, Valhalla is coming out November 15 and Cyberpunk is coming out November 19. Not to mention every other “Holiday 2020” title that doesn’t have a launch date because of the console’s release date being kept a secret.

That would be less than 3 months away. We are so close!

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I’m still hoping for October, anyway crazy how close we are to playing Halo Infinite, it’s been 5 years!

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No paddles means no use. Looks nice otherwise. November 5th seems like a good launch date.

If Launch in november, choise 11/7 with Halo.

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NO. When I bought a new Xbox One X in November 2017 the warranty was until February 2020. (We have 2 years here) You always get some more time if you register with your Serial number, because items are sold later so you don’t need to contact support with proof of purchase to get the warranty extended. So less support work

My prediction has always been Friday November 6th, 2020 for both Xbox Series X/S. The controller being dated November 5th, 2021 is a Friday and would mean a one year warranty.

The biggest hint was actually Destiny 2: Beyond Light as it releases November 10th and said that it would be playable day one on Game Pass for Xbox Series X/S.

I would be very surprised if the launch of Series X/S wasn’t Friday November 6th, 2020.

Oh damn! We’re honestly going to be playing the S before the damn thing is revealed at this point lol

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The hen-egg conundrum in console form: what comes first, official announcement or unboxing video :see_no_evil:


I think you get a month to register a warranty first so could very well be October but that’s probably just wishful thinking!

I am just really against a November release. I don’t understand it. With Halo Infinite releasing alongside Series X why not give it it’s own time to shine? That’s always been my opinion. Allow Halo to breathe before the onslaught of games like AC and Cyberpunk get released.

October is a perfect imo but I also understand if Halo needs more time to cook… I just dont like it lol

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This is ridiculous. We are less than 3 months away from release and we don’t even know how many Xboxes exist.

At this point we will only find out about different models and prices when it leaks online prior to release, because those companies aren’t willing to tell us.

That would be a solid date since that will allow many to complete Halo campaign and then move onto yakuza or cyberpunk

This actually gives a little more spice to the Sierra 117 more than just a number tease. Early November is really looking promising.

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11/7 it is

I hope to get it as early as possible, so I hope this is true.

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Is that EU warranty, somewhere else, or US? Asking because I’m wondering if warrant was increased or just different region than mine, in US we have been getting 90 days for accessories