Xbox Series X|S PSU feature

No, it’s not the processor inside the PSU… Lol

Jokes aside, Xbox going an extra mile here.


Another example of sonys cheaping out cookie cutter ways.


I’m really curious to see the longevity of the PS5.

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I don’t know why they’re loved so much by their fanboys. Sony treat them with contempt, from having to jump through hoops for refunds to straight up lying about cross gen etc. and things like this! I just don’t get it!!


They seem far more concerned with cutting corners at the expense of customers (cheaply made hardware, no refunds,crossplay etc)

The argument used to be “i would rather sony spend money on the cpu/gpu/ram then a nicely built console”

However I don’t blame sony, from a business perspective spending more on marketing and exclusives obviously has been working, however sony may have gotten away with these things in the past but now the competition is outclassing them in several areas people will take more notice. it is funny watching people fall for obvious marketing tactics which dont always have the best outcome for the customer.


Interesting stuff. Pretty neat they thought of that


Would be helpful for the less expert in electronics to include a link to the thread or the explanation from it, can you add to OP?


Quote: Coils (inductors) are electronic components used in power supplies to convert wall power (AC) to the DC power consumed by the CPU, GPU, etc. They also use coils to convert DC power to the various voltage levels required by each part of the system.

Power converters mostly operate by switching relatively high frequency signals through inductors and capacitors. The inductors operate via magnetic fields, and as the magnetic fields in the inductors switch back and forth, it causes the coils of the inductor to move back and forth slightly. If the frequency of this switching is in the audible frequency range, the coil acts like a speaker to a small extent as a side-effect of its operation. Putting this grey material over the inductors will prevent them from moving mechanically, which will stop the sound.


yeah MS used premium components for the X all of that for $500 you have to wonder how they lose in one console $200-$250 loss

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The OP is just an image on reddit.

Don’t think it will help much.

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