Xbox Series X|S One Year Later... How are we feeling?

Series X is available at and at the Game website.


Its all I had expected

My most loved game (Forza Horizon) on the best service (Gamepass) powered by the best hardware (Xbox series X tower of Power)

Next is the expectations left unanswered

Super Resolution, Rdna2 optimization, Velocity architecture and single player games like Gow, Horizon FW and super hero IPs (maybe I just need to buy a PS5, when Playpass comes😜)

9/10 for me, exclusives have ever really been a big deal for me, but I do understand they’re what brings the people in. While I myself bought Xbox One after being out of the gaming scene since ps2/og Xbox, because I was reading the fall of reach and wanted to play Halo, the main reason I love the system is definitely the amount of effort Xbox put into their services in the US and their commitment to gaming that they kept making with first the OneX, game pass and later with studio acquisitions. The current Gen console continued the upward momentum of that commitment with so many qol improvements to both new and old games, and new services such as Xcloud, and the incredible deals they sign with Devs for game pass.

The few things I think Xbox needs to do better on is international support of all their services, such as Microsoft rewards (although Xbox probably doesn’t have a say on that as that’s likely Bings baby), better language support, better social media presence for other countries(although it seems like they are making some improvements there as with Xbox DACH, Espana, Denmark, Japan Norge and Saudi to Twitter I hope this trend continues so I can follow them all.). In general I want to see Xbox treat every other country like they do the US, even if they don’t think they are going to make a lot of waves there. I want to see them acquired and build up studios around the world( like right now they can use Tango as a way to hire a lot of new and vet Japanese talent and create a multi team studio who could work on 4-5 games at a time) to give everyone even more confidence that Xbox isn’t going anywhere and will be around 20-30 years from now.

I could not be anymore moist than I am today. Xbox Series X is my favorite console ever.


I was able to buy a Series X in March this year, coming from a launchday PS4. So the difference in graphics, resolution, speed and noise all were pretty big to massive. And as I skipped the Xbox One entirely (last MS console was the 360), I had a bunch of games to play with Gamepass right away. Gears 5 and the Hivebusters DLC f.e. blew my mind the first time I played it.

My console did however make a rattling noise out of the box when I turned it on for the first time, I think the main fan was causing it, so I had to send that one back for a replacement. Would have scored 9/10 otherwise. :wink:

Originally gave an 8 because the launch window was kind of bare, but bumped it up to a 9 because they really delivered in terms of critically-acclaimed games. I really had a blast with the Halo Infinite campaign too. Looking forward to when the first-party studios really start delivering.

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Love my Series X, been a great first year so happy I got one at launch.

I sold my series X because of a personal situation. Still I got a gaming laptop with plenty of juice.

I am very happy with how Microsoft is taking things. Very mature and understanding that most gamers like choice and freedom. If Sony takes a exclusive, whatever, these days there is plenty to play anyway.

The good thing of PC is that you can always get on Steam whatever is lacking in the xbox enviroment, but I find myself using less and less steam and more the xbox app and gamepass…


I got an Xbox Series S for myself as a late Christmas present. I am so far enjoying it! I got Gamepass with it obviously, and it has been fun trying games. I like Gears Tactics so far, and plan to play Gears 5 sometime. MLB The Show is also great too.