Xbox Series X/S no optical out. I need help

I just got an xbox series s for my office. It’s replacing my xbox one x. I have a pc monitor(no audio) in my office with sound bar that supports optical audio. I just realize the xbox series s doesn’t have optical audio. What options do I have to setup the xbox series s? The old xbox one x works fine because it has optical out. I feel really dumb for not checking because I have an xbox series x in the living room but it’s just using hdmi.

Something like ? No idea on the quality of that one, but I’m sure there must be something like it that’s decent.

Does the hdmi passthrough affect the version of hdmi on the seris s? I just don’t know much about AV.

Yes it would. Do you need any 2.1 features?

My monitor supports hdr and freesync.

HDR should be fine, but unless it has HDMI 2.1 than VRR likely won’t work even if the monitor has freesync.

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