Xbox Series X|S: Need Game Teases

First and foremost, super excited to finally have the console, as everyone’s read in the reviews and hands on, it’s a monstrous beast. UI is quick, everything populates quickly, it’s easy to decipher generational games with how games are marked with the X|S icon (which has really grown on me). But I can’t shake the feeling of there being nothing spectacular to demonstrate the features of the awesome console.

I was at least expecting Microsoft to drop a launch day trailer of games to come, just to excite us the fans. Truly there’s nothing amazing out, yes we have third party games like Assassins Creed and COD coming none of those are out of the ordinary.

What’s even more weird, it’s not like Microsoft doesn’t know the launch games are lacking, they should of at least had a trailer of upcoming stuff to let people know content is coming.

I know the game awards are next month, possibly that’s where they’ll show off some games to come, but it would of been better to cultivate their own presser with games versus being tied into a show with a ton of other stuff.

What happened to X20 this year? I’m not trying to sound like a downer cause I love the actual console but man, I just want to see a glimpse of the cool games coming out next year.

Maybe didn’t wanna do it because of covid

I imagine they want to give the launch window (for themselves and the third parties) some breathing room before they announce anything else.

Actually, I don’t want them to say anything until E3.

We already know they have a ton of games in development

All I know is we can expect something at least at The Game Awards, would be very ceremonial given Series X and Hellblade 2 announcement happened there last year with such a positive response, I hope they would wanna reinvigorate that kind of excitement with new announcements. Maybe a Crossfire X trailer and shadow drop (and announce its coming to game pass as well). Maybe, just maybe a teaser of what Initiative is working on. We might not be seeing much of anything else, outside a very slim chance of Hellblade 2 gameplay (again, would be very timely). I would also really love to see more of Halo and where it is now as opposed to what we saw back in July.

Have you tried Dorito’s Crash Course yet?

Yea I think we probably will see something next month

With XO cancelled, them at the TGAs is a borderline lock. That said, don’t expect any Bethesda news until E3.

yep, Geoff’s reply to Phil’s tweet regarding launch strongly hints that there will definitely be something at the show.


Safe the bang for the Game Awards. Many people accros the industry will watch this show as well as many potential consumers. The reveal last year worked extremely well and likewise they will do it again.

What will they show? Imo it should be something to show of the power of the console.

I do not expect Hellblade 2 unless a gameplay is all Ninja Theory worked on. Their development was basically on hold.

Halo Infinite could be a potential candidate if they are ready to show the game in better light.

Compulsion games is a wild card. There probably has already worked 2 years on a game and in tone I expect something like We Happy Few but in third person and in muuuuch greater fidelity. Could be could be not.

How far is the Initiative? Phil played the game already. Could they manage to show gameplay? Is it only a tease?

Regardless what they do this will matter greatly for the potential sells for the series x from January onwards.

Games matter and they have to show off the power and the abilities of their studios!

Personally I think a new look at Hellblade 2 would bring the greatest impact. Of all games this will be the most impressive graphically. I hope I’m wrong and they have managed to create something in time.

For me they could show literally anything. OHH one game could show is Forza now that I think of this could be the most likely game out of all. Turn 10 is efficient.

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Not bad, I’m almost 80% sure we’ll see the Initiative’s new game there. I know Matt Booty mentioned we would see the game this year, plus we know Phil’s already played segments of the game. Plus from what the rumors have been, the Coalition might be helping them on the project. I actually expect this to release next fall and Halo to be in the Spring of 2021.

I don’t think we’ll see anything from Bethesda after Howard’s comment that Starfield is a ways off. But I do hope we see another glimpse of Hellblade 2 with game play segments.

I feel like Halo Infinite is a MUST show. Show it in a new light and then announce we can download the multiplayer beta that weekend and that the game will have a spring release date.

Announcements like these would surely set the Xbox up in some good light.

The TGA does have a crazy huge audience (think it was like 40mil or something wild last time, might be wrong though). I’d like to see Hellblade 2 gameplay revealed there. I’d like to see new Everwild trailer there too along with FlightSim announced for XSX with gameplay footage. And more of Scorn. Really want them flexing their graphics power.

I’d still like to see them have another showcase though. Announce another acquisition and give another Starfield teaser and show us what The Initiative and Compulsion are working on. And a proper Fable trailer and a Forza gameplay reveal. I feel there’s too much they should be showing just for TGA’s.

Frankly, I think it’s a big missed opportunity to not have demos for stuff like Scorn, FlightSim, Minecraft RT and Halo’s MP beta ready for launch.

Wait is X20 canceled? I guess I missed the announcement