Xbox Series X|S media remote?

Xbox is a media powerhouse, my entire family uses it for all media consumption with Netflix, Disney, HBO Max, Prime, Plex, etc.

However, I have yet to see a media remote for the console given that there is no IR port this time around, the current media remote won’t work for it.

Is there a solution in the works? because I don’t think powering up a controller every time is a convenient way of watching something on Xbox

This is a non-answer but might point you into the right direction… The older Xbox app allowed you to control the Xbox from your phone. The new one in beta doesn’t seem to have this ability. The current one is a bit different and I can test it out tomorrow

I haven’t heard of any physical remote. I find physical remotes handy as well. Much more convenient than a controller.

That said, if they can get this functionality on the new app done well, I don’t need a remote.

Wait, the current one will not work?! damn

the new beta app does have a remote function but its still not as good as physical remote

Yeah that’s what I was worried about, the implementation. If it had a really good Interface, including nice big icons for each streaming service, convenient controls, the ability to scrub through music and shows, it would be all I need. But it doesn’t sound like that’s the case.

Hmm I don’t think X|S have IR receiver like all the Ones, so they either make a new media remote with Xbox Wireless or through HDMI-CEC, otherwise nothing.

That’s what I am afraid of, hopefully their hardware partners jump on this because it would be an absolute drag if there is no media remote to navigate media

I have my hope on HDMI-CEC, if supported properly by both Xbox Series and your TV, you should be able to navigate with your TV remote’s directional keys etc…

I been doing this with my samsung and lg.

I think MS is afraid to announce anything nongaming related out of fear of returning to xbox one tv focus disaster. Remember the panic just a few months ago just on a rumor of MS building a camera for xbox series x? Everyone was screaming kinect…

I can do this with my LG remote but it just not as native as an actual Xbox media remote by Talon.