Xbox Series X/S are biggest Xbox launch in UK

According to publishers speaking to VGC, Xbox Series X and S sold around 155,000 consoles on launch day, beating the previous record of 150,000, which Xbox One managed in its first two days on sale in 2013.

However, Series X/S was still far short of beating the record set by PlayStation 4. Sony’s previous full hardware launch was the biggest in UK history, managing around 250,000 over its first 48 hours.

Of course, both Xbox Series X and S sold out at launch and would likely have sold better with more stock. Currently, both Xbox Series X and S are sold out at all major retailers.

Microsoft will likely shift any additional consoles it can supply during the launch window – especially considering Series X/S UK pre-orders are understood to have been significantly higher than previous Xbox consoles, limiting the number of units available to day one buyers.

The most popular Series model at launch in the UK was the Xbox Series X, which accounted for two-thirds of launch sales, according to VGC sources.


The series X and S are launching in more than twice as many territories as the Xbox one did, so the fact that they are outselling the Xbox one in one of their core territories is very good news. It suggests that the overall sales numbers will be far higher than the Xbox one.

This time round Sony is doing the opposite so I expect their numbers to be quite a bit higher in the UK as they are concentrating more units into fewer countries.


I think those numbers are bad. UK is the second biggest market and they launched with 2 SKUs.

In would’ve hoped for at least a 50% increase over Xbox One. That would still be well behind the Ps4 for example.

The article literally points out they sold all the stock they had. Xbox is selling in more countries at launch then playstation, so they will have less units for each country. You can’t get a better launch then selling all the alloted units.


Yeah, at a first glance only 5k extra might not seem much, but if they matched the shippments to all major territories and still were able to launch in more countries there should be a significant higher amount of consoles this time


how could they sell more console if everything is sold out ?

They cant sell more than they made, but they could’ve made more.

They allocated more to the UK than ever before and sold them all out and are launching this time in way more countries than ever before. It’s amazing watching mental gymnastics trying to spin this as anything other than a huge win.

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3% more than the arguably worst Xbox in history 7 years ago in their second biggest market by far. That is not mental gymnastics. Just the reality. If anything, selling this as a huge success and win is.

More people play today. More people shop online and pre-order today. We have more expected front loaded demand.

Xbox Series X|S launch units started production in July 3rd up to October 22nd.16 weeks or 3 months of production. 2 consoles and not only just one.

Yet they only shipped about the same as Xbox One back in 2013. That’s not good. It should’ve been 200k. And that would still be 50k behind the Ps4.

They would have easily sold that much if they had more consoles to sell… In case you haven’t noticed we are in a pandemic. It’s amazing they got out the amount of consoles that they did.

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This is just plucking numbers out of the air with no basis for them at all.

More people Pre order demand is front loaded…come on not sure there is any evidence for that at all.

They provided more consoles than ever before and sold them all. In a pandemic. I’m really not sure what more you want. The production was impacted for months and supply was always going to be limited.

They’ve sold close to double the switch, double the 360, the most successful Xbox in history. It’s a huge positive. The PlayStation 5 will sell more we all know that but who cares? Xbox is clearly very healthy and their approach means they aren’t even reliant on console sales. Frankly I expected the series consoles to not sell as many at launch as Xbox One did but instead they would have sold a hell of a lot more if they weren’t supply constrained.

But breaking records and selling all you make is only a good thing. There is no need to be upset.

Xbone is not the worst Xbox in history. It was their most successful launch and despite selling less consoles than 360 was the most profitable Xbox thus far.

SX is their biggest launch ever, the fact that they managed to produce more consoles this time in the middle of a pandemic is already reason to celebrate, a few months ago it wasn’t even certain they would even be able to produce enough consoles to launch this year

Xbox Series X/S is off to an amazing start and hopefully, it continues into 2021 and beyond. Super hyped!!! Very happy that Xbox is doing great in the UK and should be even better in NA. Let’s go!!!

Great news for Xbox! I think all three next gen consoles are going to be in short supply for most of the next year.

If Xbox One was the best, they should try to do everything similar like they did with the best console they ever released!? But they don’t, because it was the worst.
Xbox One was just the most profitable despite the console, not because of it. Minecraft, MTX, F2P games, digital sales and all that stuff was the reason for that.

It’s fine if you think that’s already good and delivering, for me that’s an underperformance and slight mismanagement.

Xbox One sold 1m day one, 2m in 18 days and 3m until the end of 2013 with 3.9m shipped. With everything going on right now, the increased demand, 2 different consoles at 2 different price points, the worldwide launch and living in 2020 and not 2010 anymore, a solid goal would be
2m sold day one, 5m until the end of 2020 and 5.5m shipped.

If if would’ve been just the Series X at 450 pound doing the same as Xbox One, I would not complain, but this isn’t the case.

It is important to consider what has changed since 2013. Firstly Microsoft is taking pc seriously now. They have game pass on pc and all their first party games are coming day and date to pc. That’s a large section of the audience who don’t need to buy a series X or s. Microsoft is happy with this. Master chief collection and sea of thieves have sold millions of copies on Steam.

There is way more competition now. The switch is doing gangbusters, while the Wiiiu was an abject failure. Playstation are arguably in their strongest position ever.

There is also the half step console in the one X which is still extremely capable. Then you have the delay to Halo and the lack lustre launch lineup.

These are all reasons why you might expect Microsoft to have a poor launch. Instead they have had their most successful launch ever, with the Xbox even selling out here in Japan. Any way you cut it, that’s pretty good.

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Seriously your posts are starting to descend further and further into complete fantasy land.

The Xbox One on launch sold more consoles than any other Xbox on launch. That is a fact. The Series consoles have just beaten that record. That is also a fact.

The Xbox one sold more than double the numbers the OG Xbox did. That is also a fact.

Now if you’d stop living in social media console warrior land where people just pluck narratives and shift realities, the Series launch has sold more consoles worldwide than any other xbox on launch day. Success. The Series launch has sold more xbox’s in the UK on launch day than ever before. Success.

In the midst of the biggest global crisis in the last 50 years, without key launch titles and as economies round the world seriously bite on people’s abilities to spend money - Xbox has just beaten any of its previous launches - and in its major markets are completely sold out and heavily supply constrained. You wanted them to make more but there are only so many production lines and COVID has impacted on production, distribution and the ability to make games and produce software and development tools. The launch has been a remarkable, and largely unexpected success. Just because some social media trolls who already have a narrative to push want to try and twist things - it doesn’t make it true. The President of the USA lost - but social media may well try and tell you otherwise! Xbox had a superb launch in terms of sales and I dare say in terms of the end product - my gut feel is it has marginally fewer issues than the PS5 and in the middle of a pandemic its a wonder any consoles are here at all.

I find it frustrating that when Xbox clearly overachieves (none of these doomsayers were saying - hey Xbox is going to smash its launch a week ago were they?) you get the same sort of twisting of the narrative you see going on in other walks of life. 'Should have sold 2M ’ is such a banal and silly thing to say. Should have sold 15M in a minute —c’mon Xbox…

They’re selling in triple the number of markets they did last time and managed to still increase supply in the UK - that’s huge - especially in the circumstances.


You can only sell the stock you have, also unlike the PS4. The Series X was being launched simultaneously in the USA and most of Europe. Xbox are off to a good start and unlike SONY they don’t see to be hardware issues

At launch pretty much every console is hold back by the amount of units they have available.

Yeah, more would be better, but they literally sold out pretty much every where and literally managed to produce more units than they did for xbone despite covid.

even besides the fact that this launch has a way different context than the launch 7 years ago and no you can’t magically “produce more systems” with finite materials. it’s literally useless to read anything into launch numbers, it’s all supply based, they would have sold more if they had shipped more, it reflects nothing on them how much they shipped unless there is evidence they shipped units to places where xbox werent sold . but they very likely already saw the value in the perception of launching in more countries than in shipping more to countries that are just currently their biggest.

But fact of the matter, there’s nothing you can read into sales until around march or april of next year at earliest. everything about this holiday and first few months of next year is gonna be more demand than there is supply.

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