Xbox Series x price

OK as we are getting closer to the big day hopefully with pre orders and finally the release of the series x what are your thoughts on the alleged price leaks for the console there ranging from anywhere between £499-£599. Personally due to having a family and other commitments am hoping its closer to the £499 price tag but if it does turn out that on release its going to be the higher price is that going to put many people off especially if the ps5 is released at a lower price. Will you stay loyal to the xbox family or swap over to the ps5.

As I said this is all just speculation at the moment and news articles claiming some one has leaked prices like the storys we are reading everyday. Am just curious on peoples thoughts.


I expect $499 with MS taking a loss on the hardware, Series S being $350 and the One S being reduced to $199-$250. Something like that anyway.

I could easily see a $599 price for both PS5 and XSX based on the tech they’re packing into these things but feel that is probably too high for some consumers.

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499 is realistic, Microsoft will get back on the losses through the services. Their last console sold at 499 and it did well.

Series S being $350, @Shpeshal_Nick would be f***ing mad.

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I’m hoping for £450. £399 would be amazing, although I know that won’t happen. I can see it being £499.

Is @Shpeshal_Nick expecting $300? I think $300-350 is a realistic guess, but again that is a lot of tech for just $300 even with the less powerful GPU.

I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if we saw $400/$600…

I just hope we find out soon.

I’d say $299-349 is more realistic.

This is what I expect as well. $499 X and $349 S.

Sorry to be harsh, but we have a price speculation thread for next-gen consoles already.