Xbox Series X - Philips 55PUS8602/12

Hi there, if anyone using this TV or maybe a similar one can recommend me gaming and hdr gaming settings detailed. Bc some games HDR makes it looks blurry but in some games it feels like hdr adding extra color so around just a little darker place i see nothing. 1080p regular HP monitor feels better at least can see enemies in darker places. So i’d like to know what settings u using.

I don’t have this TV but one of the first things I would recommend is to make sure your settings on the HDR profile are correct (post-processing turned off, sharpness correct, etc.). Most TVs, and all the ones I’ve owned, have a separate profile for settings when HDR/Dolby Vision is turned on - for example, my LG CX has ‘Game Mode’ but the settings are unique to ‘Game Mode w/ HDR On’.


I saw there’s ultra resolution mode, turned it off looks some better. At least edges looks more smooth now.

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