Xbox series x monitor

hi all am after a bit of advice I have the new Xbox series x and have added it to my streaming set up and loving playing it the improvements fantastic. I need some advice regarding monitors I no there are not many about at the moment that have 4k hdmi2.1 if i wanted to just play in 1440p and get the 120fps can i just go out and buy a normal monitor as long as its 120hrz or better with out having to worry about the hdmi 2.1. I sit about 3 ft away from my monitor so am not really to bothered about 4k would rather get the frames instead. thanks for any help i have spent hours trying to research this with out a decent answer lol

A monitor with HDMI 2.0 should be fine. I’d basically just look for a monitor that supports freesync, 1440p and 144hz. My wife’s monitor is only 1080p 60hz but the freesync support works with Xbox. Try and get something with good colour accuracy… HDR is pretty much impossible on a monitor if you don’t have a kidney you want to give up.

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yes this is what I was thinking I no next year there is ment to be a lot of hdmi2.1 monitors coming out but there not going to be cheap so just going to get something I can afford plus as I said sitting so close to a monitor I don’t think I would get the full benefits of 4k


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Something like this perhaps:

Sorry, Canadian Amazon link :wink:

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yes i had noticed the dodgy link lol thanks pal

“problem” with 1440p monitors is that usually most of them have a narrow window for refresh rates over HDMI 2.0 cause they’re geared towards pc gaming and DP rules over there

and when they are they’re usually based on samsung VA panels

anyway check

LG 27GL850 (HDMI window for refresh rate 48/100hz)

Gigabyte G27QC or AOC CQ27G2 (same panel, full Hz range)

Samsung Odyssey G7 C27G75T (costly, full Hz range, barely acceptable HDR)

read around cause it’s a crapshoot

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