'XBOX Series X Compact 3.2CU/91L Refrigerator' Now Available at Walmart


Originally published at: 'XBOX Series X Compact 3.2CU/91L Refrigerator' Now Available at Walmart - XboxEra

Appliance maker Robefactory / UKONIC have shadow dropped a brand-new fridge based on everyone’s favourite monolith: the Xbox Series X. This fridge is much bigger than the previously available Xbox Series X mini fridge that has been on sale since the console launched, standing at 3.2 CU FT/91L capacity. You can grab the fridge from Walmart’s website here for $250—but it’s currently on sale for $198. No word on when this will be available outside the United States.

Ready to take your chill to the next level? This Xbox Series X Compact Refrigerator is more. More than a thermoelectric cooler, this appliance is a proper refrigerator with temperature control (on an Xbox sphere logo, no less) and a chiller compartment that reads “Power Your Dreams.” That works out well if you’re dreaming of a frosty beverage, because this beast comes in at just under 3″ tall and holds more than a dozen drinks in its door alone. That sort of snack capacity will keep even the most hardcore players gaming into the wee hours of the night. It’s the ideal solution for a dorm room, studio apartment, office cubicle, or anywhere that space is a premium and eating happens.

  • Gamer Aesthetic: Matte black unit with internal green light and glowing Xbox sphere logo on front
  •  Massive Internal Inventory Slots: 91L capacity includes 2 removable shelves, bottom pullout bin, 8 beverage cradles, 3 door shelves, and 11L chiller compartment for keeping things extra frosty
  • Quietly Cool: Chills using R600a for environmentally friendly and energy-efficient (effective) cooling at just 41dB
  • Unboxing: Includes refrigerator, 120V AC power cord, interior components, and instructions
  • Customizable: Reversible door and adjustable feet so it can easily modded to better fit the available space
  • Compact Size: 33.3″ tall x 20.3″ wide x 18.9″ deep to fit under a desk, in a closet, or next to the bed or couch

Cool. I like that it’s a proper fridge and not a cooler. Although that “Power Your Dreams” writing and Xbox logo knob makes it a bit over-designed for me. Sometimes (usually) less is more.

Still, if I was in the market for a beer fridge I’d consider one.


Walmart has been pretty awesome for Xbox merch this Christmas. On Black Friday my son got Xbox pajamas. Last week I got him a Forza branded r/c toy car. And now they have this Xbox mini fridge.

This is the one I got him… they have others as well.New Bright (1:16) Forza Jeep Wrangler Battery Radio Control Red Truck, 1688UF-4R - Walmart.com