Xbox Series X "Ad"

Appreantly this is being seen in “Ads” got this from the XboxSeriesX reddit.


Fake, as £599 would exual to 650-700 $/€. That would be dead on arrival.

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I was thinking the same.

Could you imagine pricing it this high? Like holy shit.

This is Microsoft. If anyone was going to do it, they’d do it.

I would not buy it at that price thats for sure.

Phil Spencer already said they would be competitive on price and performance, so can we just ignore stuff like this, please?

For all we know PS5 could be this price? So would competitive not just mean price match em? Or hes talking about series s?

Jim Ryan said they plan to transition player to ps5 at unprecedented pace, and that’s impossible at $699. Besides, Sony already burned themselves at $599, and you think they go for an even more ridiculous price?

You know what. Fair point.

I forget about the whole PS3 fiasco sometimes… sorry for being naive

Is this… a preorder of a preorder?

Same price as a PS5, Bargain!

I feel like you’re apologizing to me and there’s really no need to :smiley: they should apologize to us if they come out with such prices :wink:

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FAKE NEWS! Disgusting.