Xbox Series X 775 MB update?

Anybody who has updated there console can you please respond on how long it takes to update.

Just right now? Let me check I come back

Edit: I already had one update yesterday around the same size I remember but nothing today yet

My SX still haven’t arrived (damn you Casas Bahia), but on X usually it downloads the updates super fast but then take aroubd half a hour to actually install it.

Yeah my first update for the Series X which is 775 MB is still at 0 percent and I have been downloading for 20 minutes now feel like its going to be a long day .

Ah don’t worry yeah it is the 1st indeed, I made it yesterday

how long did your first download take?

It was rather quick maybe 5min +/- approximatively

Your update still going?

yeah it’s still at step 1 of 3 and its still at 0 %.

The load bar on the steps are going up or miving right?

Did you check your network?

Mine took 9 minutes to download, verify and install. I timed it.

My S took 17 minutes as download speeds had tanked then as USA were awake and XBL was taking a hammering.

I did not check my network, but what’s weird is that my 775 MB download is now at 769 but the percentage is still at 0, I am dumb when it comes to network stuff. I almost feel like keeping my series x on for whole day just for update will be bad for the console.

Lol how is it even possible. Something weird going on then if you have more than the size determined. Check if everything is fine on the network status it might be the origin of the weirdness here.

Thank you for help I really appreciate it, one last question I know this might sound stupid, but does a console update when it’s not on? if so I feel like turning it off.

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You’re welcome! It depends if it is in instant mode or rest mode. In instant mode yes it auto updates you can check in your settings and you can also set parameters for the updates

I’m all good switched my wifi, lighting fast download speed now update complete, enjoy your Series X and have great day and thank you once again thank you.

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You’re welcome! Happy to hear all is resolved! Good have a great day too friend! Enjoy your console too! :+1:

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It took about a minute, but my Internet is extremely fast. Has to be for work. Compared to my 1S, it is maybe 20% of the time. Wife was pleasantly surprised because she always groans when the other has to update