Xbox Series X — 3D Spatial Sound – "Walking in Steve’s Dreams" demo


Imagine if halo infinite had sound like this :drooling_face:


I use DTS Headphones X for my headset. Since they don’t say I should enable Atmos or Windows Sonic it should be fine whatever I use, right?

It wont need to enable anything for this youtube clip because its a recording, you just need headphones.

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Man this shit go haaaard. :fire::fire::exploding_head:

Dope that Xbox featured him in this, that was quite an extensive dream right there.

All of this makes me even more excited for Hellblade 2, the audio in that is gonna be absolutely insane.

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Watch the Gameplay and you will notice the sound is spectacular (headphones required)

At the reveal that was what I imidatly noticed. They put a lot efforts in sound and it shows.


I watched most of the videos they put up showing audio recordings, and immediately assumed they were going crazy with audio details. The number of microphones they had for some of the explosions was crazy.