Xbox Series S shipping early!

It’s great to get the system early.

Edit: this is not my unit. Shared it from reddit to have a conversation here.

Share yours if you get early.


Would you be able to go online? As there are already review units out as well, I don’t see any issue?

More. This time the X


I already don’t like this person… As I know there is NO CHANCE amazon will send me my unit early :’(

Lucky bastard :joy:

Nice I got my tracking from the source and its saying ill get my series x this friday. Hope its true :slight_smile:

I hope Microsoft store uk give me tracking details delivery men are terrible where I live.

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I’m getting instore, but I feel you’re pain on this lol

Lol I had a chance to get one at the source. But went with the MS Store

Nice :smiley:

Darn, I ordered from Best Buy Canada, and have only been charged. I doubt they ship it early but would be nice if they did since I’m trading in my current gen consoles on friday

The source? Straight from the factory?

Haha I wish. The source is a store in Canada.

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Wow! I need mine asap!

Amazon changed my order status for the Series X as arriving Tuesday now.

I wish the Microsoft store had something like this , at the moment it just says “estimated delivery nov 10th”