Xbox Series Consoles Get New Dynamic Backgrounds That Celebrate Our Gaming Communities

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Microsoft has released a set of new dynamic backgrounds that focus on some of our brightest but overlooked gaming communities. Commissioned to various artists, these set of eight backgrounds touch on Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Asian and Pacific Islander heritages, LGBTQIA+, Indigenous Peoples, those with disabilities, and Hispanic communities.

New dynamic backgrounds are here 🖼

Learn the stories behind the designs and how we're celebrating various gaming communities:

— Xbox (@Xbox) February 13, 2024

These new dynamic wallpapers are adjourned with narratives as explained by their authors. You owe it to yourself to not only check out these beautiful wallpapers but read up on what makes them unique to their respective communities.

Check out the full blog post by Microsoft Design below or by clicking this link. Dynamic wallpapers are only available on Xbox Series consoles and you can set these beauts by going to the ‘Personalisation’ section within the console’s settings menu.

A canvas of community narratives

Xbox celebrates a year of visual storytelling by launching new dynamic backgrounds

By Tracy Jones and Bruna Darini

The art of symbolism and the act of play are two of the most enduring ways we express our identities and form communities. On ancient cave walls, paintings of bison, bulls, and human hands remain some of the earliest proof of our existence. Through dots, lines, zigzags, and overlapping silhouettes, we covered physical surfaces with our emotions, dreams, and experiences. One of the most common experiences—then and now—is play. In today’s world, digital surfaces are the new cave walls and one of the most thriving community of gamers worldwide is Xbox. Here, we believe that gaming is for everyone and the beauty of it lies in the diversity of people who love to play.

That diversity, however, is often overlooked. That’s why we invest in programs that welcome and encourage diversity in gaming. Art can be a beacon, inviting people in by signaling something out, and today we’re excited to introduce eight new wallpapers for your Xbox console. Each background signifies one of the many communities that make the Xbox sphere the ultimate glyph in gaming. The wallpapers are meant to reflect the players. “People want to see themselves and feel represented,” said Jenn Panattoni, Head of Xbox Social Impact. Jenn, who has Karuk heritage, said the new dynamic backgrounds are intended to inspire pride, and a sense belonging, but with respect.

“Nothing about us without us. That’s our rallying cry,” Jenn said over Teams. In partnership with the Brand Studio, she leads the Xbox Social Impact team that collaborates with artists, empowering them to re-imagine the iconic Xbox sphere as a surface to cover with their unique stories and lived experiences. Every background represents the artists’ beliefs, values, and culture that they hand-crafted and rendered in a gamer-centric world, built for their community. The design then gets shared to millions of gamers across the globe. The Microsoft team worked with Palette Group to find artists and collaborate with them to create each scene. Microsoft then brought the still images to O0 Design to animate and bring the dynamic backgrounds to life. One interesting aspect about the project was landing on the “right” design because, “No one person and no one community is a monolith. Each image is a reflection of our shared creative strategy visualized through the artist’s personal experiences” said Microsoft Brand Manager Kaity Butcher. Our goal is to expose the true value of gaming, which isn’t about graphics or sound design, but bringing more people together and sparking conversation.

Below, check out the backstory of each dynamic wallpaper.

The dawn of a new day

Black History Month 2023 by Clif Wilson

A sunset portrays the shared perspective in struggle as well as hope. Warm hues of red, brown, and orange depict the sun’s many colors and tones. Deep harmonious pinks and purples blend the sun into the blue sky. Somber shades of blue add calm, while black silhouettes create contrast, all with a metallic sheen. Abstract shapes represent people from all walks of life and how they interact.

For Black History Month in 2023, Xbox invited designer Clif Wilson to reflect on the power of gaming to bring about positive change and progress for Black players. Born and raised in Maryland, Clif is self-taught digital artist and a founder of Ajaar Design Services. Fascinated with Afrofuturism, he paints a picture of a world full of endless possibilities and spaces to discover.

Brilliant colors inspired by the Pan-African flag are shown in tones that compose the sunset sky. He says, “Over the years, the Black community has been displaced again and again. Every sunset and sunrise is symbolic of another chance to grow and change. We choose to rise together … My designs focus on unity and exploration within the Black community, reflecting our collective struggle and hope.”

Check out Clif’s work at Ajaar Design Services and on Instagram.

Blooming and thriving

Women’s History Month by Tacha Pradappet

Neo-nature environments nested in dreamscapes. Ruins of past lives line the path, cutting into the scene. Greens, blues, and purples with pops of pinks compose a rough terrain … with soft spots. Meanwhile, golden light spotlights a controller, and abstract shapes and larger-than-life objects invite us to dream big. This is Tacha’s landscape of positivity brought into the world by the gaming community—holding the power to shape our own destinies. A sense of balance, inner peace, and connection with the world around us is achievable.

Artist Tacha Pradappet was approached by Xbox to reflect on the need for thriving and affirming environments for women gamers. For Tacha, the community is about growth and self-discovery, especially for those who

play and may have felt isolated or marginalized in other areas of their lives. She says, “It’s an honor to be part of Women’s History Month celebrations at Xbox and share a design concept inspired by growth, dreams, and stepping out of one’s comfort zone without necessarily knowing the outcome.”

Tacha sees immersion in nature as a way to tap into feminine energy, self-care, and self-nurturing. It can be a powerful way to explore one’s past, present, and future—a reminder that even in the face of adversity, it’s possible to bloom and thrive. She adds, “Growth is a journey into womanhood, into softness and hardness, and into seeing beauty in the world.”

Check out more of Tacha’s work at HotSupply.

Belonging together

Asian and Pacific Islander Month by Isip Xin

Water flows in loose tendrils. Amid abstract flower forms, shapes and textures evoke roots, nerves, mesh that are unified but not structured—emphasizing humanity and connection. They float around the Xbox Sphere, flourishing with other visual elements that form a network, as varied experiences weave, burst, and bloom together. A balanced color palette adds brightness but not too much intensity. Warm orange, gentle yellow accents, and a cool blue tie it all together.

The Xbox team appealed to artist Isip Xin to portray the diversity and interconnectedness of Asian and Pacific Islander communities and their experiences. As an artist and a gamer, Isip is focused on creating, cultivating, and existing in spaces (virtually, physically, and mentally) that make people feel like they belong. She believes games are an amazing way to discover relatable narratives—to find an environment to thrive and be whatever you want.

Isip chose loose tendrils of water in a steady flow to show that the Asian and Pacific Islander experience is one full of mutual inspiration and support. “Together, we create spaces that show just how massive, diverse, and deeply interconnected our communities are,” she says. “It was fun to explore the coexistence and self-discovery that comes with being an API gamer and to share it.”

Check out Isip’s Instagram and to experience more of her art.

Unapologetic Pride

Pride by Ari Liloan

An image of a knot of ribbons is what came to mind for Ari while concepting his Pride design for Xbox. It celebrates the unapologetic diversity within the LGBTQIA+ communities. A display of LGBTQIA+ flags intertwine in unity, and an iridescent texture reflects them all.

Ari Liloan, a Filipino-Italian illustrator based in Berlin, Germany, was asked to interpret the intersectionality and diversity of many LGBTQIA+ communities, building on the themes and ideas Xbox explores in its popular Pride Controller. Ari designed a piece of art that is a bold statement of inclusion, bringing together many LGBTQIA+ flags in one stunning design.

“My piece is an unraveling knot of ribbons, a vibrant celebration of the unapologetic diversity within the LGBTQIA+ community,” they explain. “It’s my ode to the beauty of being true to oneself, without boundaries or apologies.” The word “unapologetic” to Ari is an expression of complexity that is also the gift of being part of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Check out Ari’s art on Instagram and on

Story time

International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples by Kaylene Big Knife

Kaylene’s life mantra is “with the sun,” and the sun’s radiant glow is the focal point for her design—a reminder to rise to the occasion with strength and warmth. Chippewa Cree regalia and applique are the foundation of Kaylene’s work, with bands of vivid color representing ribbon and Ric Rac trim from her family’s collection. Because her Grandma Minnie is also a master berry picker who makes the most delicious pies, wild strawberries and juneberries also feature.

Xbox engaged designer and illustrator Kaylene Big Knife, member of the Chippewa Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation in Montana, to shine a light on the resilience and spirit of Indigenous cultures worldwide and the need for more Indigenous storytelling. To celebrate International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, Kaylene’s digital brush strokes depicted the rich heritage, traditions, and stories passed down through generations in her family.

The colors nod affectionately to those used in her tribe’s regalia, while delicate details subtly hint at the intricate beading found on the clothing once worn by Kaylene’s great-grandfather Big Knife and ribbon skirts worn by her tribe. She shares: “My artwork is an echo of my upbringing and Indigenous ways of knowing. It’s a reminder that Indigenous peoples are still here, weaving stories of vibrancy, humor, and resilience. Every stroke of my brush is a testament to our enduring presence and rich cultural tapestry.”

Check out more of Kaylene’s work on Instagram or her website.


Hispanic Heritage Month by Catalina Estrada

At the heart of a rainforest flourishing with birds, feathers, butterflies and flora of orchids and heloconias, a jaguar emerges. It signifies the deep ancestral ties, resilience, and embodies the Latino and Hispanic communities—their enduring spirit, courage, and commitment to embrace heritage while moving forward. Each spot of the jaguar mirrors uniqueness of each community, while each swirl of color is an homage to the familiar folklore that shaped her.

For Hispanic Heritage Month, Catalina Estrada, a Colombian illustrator who calls Barcelona home, was commissioned by Xbox to honor the flourishing and diverse traditions, deep ancestral ties, and resilience of Hispanic and Latino communities. Catalina, in response, crafted a vivid and layered world that speaks to the very heart of Hispanic and Latino diversity: unity and heritage.

Housing myriad cultures, species, and ecosystems to create a unified whole, her image of the rainforest and its flora shows not just the lush beauty of nature but also the colorful traditions and contributions of her community. She celebrates the flourishing and diverse array of backgrounds that come together in unity: “Just as the rainforest sustains life, we sustain the values of kinship, resilience, and cultural richness, ensuring a future as vibrant and enduring as the rainforest itself.”

Check out more of Catalina’s work on her website.


Disability Awareness Month by Danielle Taphanel

The Xbox Sphere blooms out of a landscape of desert succulents. Rambunctious, joyous florals combine with desert thorns, stems, and spikes while “golden hour” corals, pinks, yellows, olive greens, against purple and blue for shadows provide plenty of contrast. Just as the desert creates conditions of adversity in which plant life survives and thrives, those with disabilities embody the resilience and necessity of a shared existence.

Too often people with disabilities are forced to function in a world not built for them, diminishing their strengths and silencing their contributions. Non-binary, Filipino-Latino, self-taught artist Danielle Taphanel, who lives with a disability, created an image of a blossoming desert after a rain in honor of Disability Awareness Month—representing the diverse, essential, and life-positive forces of people with disabilities.

Danielle describes, “Much like the colorful blossoms that thrive in the arid soil, the talents and creativity of individuals with disabilities can flourish when given the chance to bloom. The desert, once seemingly barren, transforms into a breathtaking display of life and vitality. This reminds us that when we provide the right conditions, even in the most unexpected places, beauty can burst forth—enriching our world, revealing the incredible potential within each person.”

Check out more of Danielle Taphanel’s work here.


Black History Month 2024 by Dominique Ramsey

Each layer of the image, adorned with a unique pattern, symbolizes the myriad stories and experiences that collectively shape the rich tapestry of Black history and culture. The colors and textures are inspired by Ethiopian and Nigerian textiles and folk art, and the fabric of Ghana, “Kente cloth,” known for its bright, striking hues. Each carries a special meaning.

Xbox commenced a new year of Moments in 2024 with Black History Month. The team partnered with Dominique Ramsey, award-winning illustrator and character designer based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Dominique reflected on the silencing of Black voices and responded with a maximalist call to amp them up.

The powerful graphic is a unity of brilliant colors and textures, representing the voices that make up the Black community.

In Dominique’s words, “Even though the colors and textures are different, they’re able to flow together in harmony and give off a louder, more powerful impact when joined together.” The multiplicity of patterns serves as a visual metaphor for the diversity within the community, while each distinct shape harmoniously coexists and amplifies the collective voice to be “Louder!”

Check out more of Dominiques art here.

Keep an eye out for future Xbox artwork drops via social. You can download any of the Xbox Community backgrounds for your own wallpapers or virtual backgrounds here:

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