Xbox Reboot Debate Thread |OT| Have you tried rebooting it?

Welcome to the Xbox Reboot Discussion Thread! There’s been a ton of talk about Banjo Reboots, Killer Instinct II and more that I just had to create a thread in which we can debate and talk about what franchises ACTUALLY deserve to be rebooted by XGS + Bethesda.

What’s Getting Rebooted (Currently Known):

Currently in development at The Initiative, Perfect Dark is a reboot of the classic Rare-N64 era spy FPS. Not much is currently known about the game other than it’s first person, it’s start Johanna Dark, and it’s narrative base.

Currently in development at Playground Games, Fable is the reboot of the beloved but flawed RPG series from the Xbox 360 days. Not much is known about Fable at this time, but it’s one of if not the most anticipated games from XGS.

The Big List: (Of Franchises that Microsoft Owns)





















So what game series really DOES deserve a reboot?


The list is probably WILDELY incomplete, so if something’s missing, message me and I’ll add it, but it’s the best I could do with my limited Wikipedia entries.


Lost Odyssey


Let this be the thread in which I explain to you all why XSN needs to come back.

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Reboot Gears into something else after 6.

Does this work @ProgStopper

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Let’s reboot Gears 6 into Brute Force.



Seriously a cyberpunk universe that combines magic and fantasy, fantasy races. Make it a RPG instead of a FPS.

For the life of me can’t understand why they are wasting Playgrounds talent with Fable when they have this IP sitting around. BGS can even make it, just get someone to make it as a RPG with a good budget.


Shadowrun is a great call, and even after CP2077 botched… everything I think there’s still a hunger for big budget cyberpunk themed game.

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Absolutely, 100%, yes please. The SNES game was so cool.

Edit: I got too excited about Shadowrun and forgot to make my own picks. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey were good to great and direly need a new audience. I want big RPGs, I want intricate job systems that can let you multi-class as a white magic-using ninja in heavy plate, I want battles to give out experience, money, and JOB POINTS, I want to be able to learn skills from equipment, I want dual techs, I want triple techs, I want a magic system on top of that, like in FFVI, I want to examine a flower in some random hut and get a heartbreaking rumination on the loneliness of eternal life written by a professional author, I want Microsoft to hire a full orchestra to perform themes that I’ll remember for years to come with a smile on my face, and I also want them to hire a rock star to record a goofy, cheesy, hype boss theme, I want to get so lost in a new world that I’m genuinely sad when it’s time to say good-bye, I want to be rewarded for straying from the beaten path, I want quirky, funny dialogue from random NPCs that changes with every major world event, I want to fall asleep thinking about the friends I made and had to leave behind.

I got too excited again. Maybe they could use the tech from MSFS to make a cool Crimson Skies game, I never played the original.


Killer Instinct and Banjo should be the top priority on the reboot list. Viva Pinata, Quake, Blinx, Crimson Skies and Age of Mythology should be the next ones on the list.

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Is Killer Instinct even in reboot territory? It just another sequel that people want lol.


The franchise is kinda dead at the moment, so who knows. I think that a reboot is more likely than a sequel.

Freelancer: it was a gem, an X-like/Elite-like type of game which could blow out of the water Scam, ehm StarCitizen. XD

I dont think its dead it just doesnt have anybody that can work on it lol. Dead franchise is something else entirely.

reboot Killer Instinct into a turn based JRPG to win over Japan

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Mechwarrior juat got a sequel in mw5 and battletech in 2018.

Would love sequels with a bigger budget to either of these as well as mech assault 3.

But thats not a reboot… if i had to pick a game to reboot it would be jet force gemini or voodoo vince. Or… hear me out TOO HUMAN!

TOO HUMAN was such a fun game besides ita flaws and i loved the idea of the game back in the day.

For sequels that arnt mech warrior based… Ki Crimson skies Freelancer Crackdown Banjo Lost Odyssey

(I think Ive yelled about these enough or others have that I wont go into detailed why unless asked)

Bonus: Game that could get sequel or reboot


Ooo I have been thinking about this a lot actually!


Kameo: Elements of Power deserved better than to be forgotten on the 360, and I would love to see a reboot in that world.

I would bring the IP back as a Breath of the Wild-like open world action adventure title. You would play as the titular Kameo, exploring a large & diverse open world. The main loop of game would center collecting the elemental sprites and prepare to save your family from your evil sister and the troll king, Thorn. The sprites would enable Kameo to acces their elemental warrior form at will after she has collected them, enabling some cool dungeon and puzzle dynamics where the ordering of your collection could have some impact. Outside of the main questline, players could interact with NPCs for additional side quests, lore, and minigame activities.

Viva Pinata

This is a pretty obvious choice, in my opinion. Not only do I think that a garden management sim in the vein of the previous game would be a perfect fit for the subscription model of Game Pass, it aligns quite well with having a game that could integrate GAAS-elements without harming the core gameplay.

And, at least in the non-gaming communities I frequent, Viva Pinata is an Xbox 360-era IP that solicits excitement and nostalgia from gamers and non-gamers alike. Another entry would be a great way to bring fans back into Xbox who may have lapsed during the previous generation.

Alternatively, I think you could do a really neat, stylized platformer (2D or 3D) to incrementally bring the franchise back into the spotlight - and I think Dlala Studios would be an excellent fit on that. I think a title of something like “Viva Pinata: Paradise Lost” would be a funny play on words - where you are tasked with saving the party animals and restoring the garden to its rightful owners.

This is all without mentioning the tremendous success of Animal Crossing - I think Viva Pinata could rekindle some of that magic, while also appealing to a similar audience (more family family, etc.) on console, PC, and Mobile.

Crimson Skies

Crimson Skies seems like another obvious one that others may have mentioned already, but a flight combat game would be a great addition to the Game Pass library. I am not quite sure that a dedicated flight combat game would sell amazingly well on its own, but as a component in a larger subscription library? I think it can fill some gaps.

There are probably a couple of different avenues you could take with the IP - most likely, I could see Xbox doing something akin to Sea of Thieves but with planes. This would look like the following:

  1. Dedicated open world for players to cooperatively and competitively interact with other players in (note: this could feature spontaneous battles with other players, or perhaps locations to trigger dogfights)
  2. Some sort of hub space where players can walk around and interact with other players and NPCs, all the while acquiring cosmetic gear and other knick-knacks
  3. More narrative-focused content, or novelty-skins and planes could be distributed over the course of seasons (perhaps you have a Snoopy/Red Baron Crossover, or a promotional event for InXile’s Steampunk RPG.

Alternatively, you could build out some sort of smaller scale, yet focused dogfighting game - similar in scope and scale to Star Wars: Squadrons. I could see an inclusion of a singleplayer mode, but I also wouldn’t be surprised if it was just a MP-focused game.

I’ll write up some other ideas after I eat dinner lol


Please do, and also get a job at Microsoft. I liked everything you wrote.


I had totally forgotten about Kameo. Awesome game that deserves a reboot.

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A dream scenario lol - at the very least, I have had this very topic kicking around in my head for a while now with some different game ideas for some of the legacy IP that Xbox owns. I may write out a longer form blog post exploring what those games could look like. Seems like a fun thing to write!

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