Xbox randomly turns off please help

Hi bought my son an xbox one for Xmas second hand, and sometime it just turns off and then instantly turns back on, I thought it was overheating but it’s not the fan is working fine, tried restarting it, resetting it, he really doesn’t want me to send it away he’s only 7, has anyone please got any ideas to help me sort it out many thanks

Make sure to run through the power options to ensure you don’t have any auto-off options enabled. Also make sure you do not have HDMI-CEC Let Other Devices Turn Off Console enabled.

Xbox Support Site:

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You don’t details what off and instantly on again entails, but, if you mean that the screen goes blank and then when it comes back on the game is still running you may have a faulty HDMI cable so would be worth switching it for another one to see.

If it is the opposite and it dies for a second then reboots as if you’d turned it off with the button as BRiT says check the CEC settings and the “turn off after a certain time period” setting in parental controls if set up.

Could also be a loose connection in the PSU cabling so check that that is all tight.

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This… I don’t know which Xbox OP has but on my One X I had some issues until I realized that the power cable goes in just a little, litte bit further than you think. It felt in place but wasn’t. Worth checking if nothing else.

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