Xbox Prediction Thread

I’ve been thinking about making a thread like this for a while, I wanted to just put down some short, medium and long term predictions about Xbox, things that I think could happen and wanted to make a thread about it. This thread isn’t predictions about just games, features or what is going to be shown at an event, it is a thread about general things you think is going to happen or could happen. I thought it would be cool to be able to put down some cool, crazy and entirely possible predictions to keep track of and see who has the best foresight, so it’s mostly a thread to keep track of predictions and a fun place to come back to and see who was wrong or right.

Let me start with a few;

  1. Game Pass will ever go onto other platforms like Nintendo and Playstation even if they both allowed it, but not for the reasons you might think. I think Xbox will see that having Game Pass is probably the best exclusive they have and could have for them to sell consoles. There have been many people who said they have bought an Xbox console because of Game Pass and I think if they put it on Switch or Playstation they are just kneecapping that cool advantage they have.

  2. Xbox will buy SEGA (duh) I think Microsoft will pick up SEGA, I think this partnership with SEGA for MS cloud tech and expertise is a push in the direction of getting closer to SEGA. Microsoft will in the next 5 years buy SEGA and turn SEGA into their big Japanese publishing hub and use them to hire much more easily people in Japan to XGS.

  3. Forza Horizon: Japan will be the next location, I think will release 2024-2025 and will be a big push into Japan with the Series S. I think Forza Horizon: Japan will be their biggest jump in graphical fidelity of any Forza game in history. They will market the shit out of it in Japan and it will be the highest selling/played game on Xbox since Xbox 360. I think the main focus will be on car customisation and a player house that is more customizable and more indepth. I think there will be a bigger story focus and will be less festival like the past Horizon games.

  4. Microsoft will launch a handheld console that is the same power as the Series S in 2024-2025. Forza Horizon: Japan will be a launch title, there could be a lite model which is just xCloud streaming but on a dedicated gaming device like the Switch. Xbox Series Y and Xbox Series Y Lite, Xbox Series Y will have an 8" 1440p OLED screen with 120hz VRR, 8GB RAM, 512GB-1TB SSD models, the handles will be the same shape as the Xbox controller. Series Y Lite (xCloud focused device) will have a 1080p OLED screen 60hz VRR, 4GB RAM, 64-128GB SSD, 5G and Wifi 6E.

  5. Microsoft will buyout Tim Sweeney’s shares in Epic and own the majority of Epic Games, by 2028. This is my out there prediction and might seem crazy but I think Tim would want to sell to a company that respects gaming and has a large positive impact on gaming to run Epic as it’s his baby and I think the way Microsoft is taking Xbox they could be that company.

I know some of these might not be too crazy and some are very crazy but just wanted to put them down so I can come back later and laugh at how wrong or right I was.

So now it’s up to you what are youre crazy, obvious, no shit predictions that you would love to have “on record” to come back at see if you were wrong or right, they can be anything about Xbox related including Bethesda and any other studios they will own like Activision.


We can have OT level threads on the topics you mentioned

Great predictions!

  1. Xbox buys IO and Goldeneye becomes a pillar Xbox title. Xbox will own Activision (who made multiple 007 titles), Rare (who made the original Goldeneye), and IO (the current 007 video game rights holder).

  2. Xbox buys the rights to E3. Every year Xbox holds a conference and an E3 gaming tournament that becomes bigger than EVO.

  3. Xbox partners with Samsung and releases an Gamepass smart tv app. Eventually other SmartTVs get the app and there is a Gamepass streaming stick.

  4. Killer Instinct makes its return and there is a wireless fight stick that releases at the same time.

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