Xbox Portfolio Grows Linearly with Gamepass : Brad Sams Report

Analysis of the recent press release from the Brad Sam

It’s clear that Microsoft’s approach is Gamepass first and that’s why they are aggresive with acquisitions.

Xbox has many end points ( console, PC and mobile) with Gamepass as the Umbrella

That’s what there strategy is and that’s what they gonna serve us for $10-15 a month fee.

The strategy is so well woven that it’s hard to see it. All what is needed that people subscribe and as a result Microsoft will keep on purchasing


Been saying this for a while. That circle of more subscribers > more money > more games > more subscribers…

As long as they are smart there is no stopping it.


The kind of cash they earn from GP every month is just insane they just invest that on new deals and acquisitions.


I think this reasoning is valid for single studios purchases, but for moves like Zenimax the MS board should be ok outside GP growth projections, because it’s an inorganic growth.

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Its almost like a win-win for them. For example, either they gain a shit-ton of GP Subs with games like Starfield or they gain more hardware users with the Series consoles because of people actually buying the game.

Yep. The only thing that can challenge it is a similar system.

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GP is like Amazon used to be. They never reported profits for years because they kept reinvesting all of it into building AWS + retail and now they report many billions $ of profit/quarter. I believe GP is already break even at worst right now.


I think the bigger issue is studio management.

That’s the only thing that can undo their plans.

People started subscribing to Netflix in massive numbers once they started making their own shows that people actually wanted to watch.

Microsoft needs to start making great games lots of people really want to play if they want Game Pass to grow to match their targets/ambitions.


I was thinking about this earlier with all the acquisition rumours. They can’t just keep putting everything under Matt Booty (I know Bethesda don’t but it was already a lot).

They may need to consider some other arrangement with 4 or 5 people managing a group of studios and reporting in to Phil.