Xbox One E3s revisited (2013) Grade It!

Heading into next Gen I want to revisit the entire E3 history for our beloved Xbox One. This trip down memory lane will give us some time to reflect on the journey to XSX.

Things really started off with a bang for the good ol “Xbone”. Let’s take a look.

2013 E3

There’s a lot to unpack here. Coming in from the 360 Microsoft really went out of their way to sabotage the new console outbox the gate. Tone deaf interviews along with an already hightended sensitivity to putting a camera in your living room (how silly that concern feels today) really created a perfect storm of bad PR. Oh, and and the price.

More expensive less powerful.

But we wouldn’t know that until the next day.

What are some of your thoughts on this E3? Tell us some stories of watching it and your reaction to it as it happened.

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It was good actually:

  • Ryse (gameplay)
  • Forza Motorsports 5 (gameplay)
  • Sunset Overdrive
  • Quantum Break
  • Crimson Dragon (gameplay)
  • Killer Instinct (gameplay)
  • Dead Rising (gameplay)
  • The Witcher 3
  • Halo 5 announcement
  • Battlefield 4 (gameplay)
  • Titanfall (gameplay)

Pace is a little boring (too much talk) but a lot of gameplay at the end and a lot of games coming close to launch.


So at launch last gen there was, Ryse, FM5, Killer Instinct, Dead Rising 3. Within 6 months, Titanfall, and within a year Sunset Overdrive.

A reasonable if not amazing first year of exclusives for a console launch.

I’m not sure what that says about this series X launch but I fear it might say that whilst giant strides have been made by Xbox in many areas they’ve gone backwards in terms of understanding that the core needs to be fed with new games for their shiny new console. It does sort of put into perspective where things stand.

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In hindsight you have to give a B. Most games shown did release within 4 Months of launch

I’d agree with this, it wasnt as bad as some mention.

Just in comparison to this year or Sony’s last E3. Perspective changes over time.

I wonder what happens next year. MS already committed to no life events for Fiscal Year until end of June 2021.

Loved Ryse and begging that we get another one!

Driveatars were introduced with this game I think it was which felt really next gen seeing your friends drive around in your game haha

Never got into this despite everyone’s love for it

Really really loved this game and the TV show part was probably my favorite part, the game was awesome too it was such a unique way to do a game.

Not a huge fighter fan

Another dumb fun game

Do I really need to say anything about this amazing game? haha it was so good.

I LOVED the MP for Halo MP but SP was so so

Both of these games were amazing too, the only downfall for Titanfall was the lack of content.

I think the E3 show was pretty good, probably better than this “E3” show imo, but this year’s “E3” was good too.

The individual games were great in retrospect, but this show, the one before and the follow up after was a mess. Between Mattrick’s 360 comment, Major Nelson’s best efforts to keep the conversation on track leading to a meme, an overpriced system and a controversial approach to DRM, the echoes of this event were widespread.

I think they have solved the problem of doing virtual events. In terms of presentation the last one was great. Just drop Keighley, bring on Alanah Pearce or someone if you’re doing a pre show and you should be golden.

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It was good, I give it a B. Lots of good games and next gen visuals. Shame about the price and and the way they communicated everything, if they had a $299 digital only version, but kept the blu ray version being able to play used games etc and kept all the Tv and online stuff to a seperate YouTube video, they would of faired much better. They were to cocky.

I thought that the conference simply knocked it out of the park when it comes to games (even better with the pre-show that had announcements for Powerstar Golf, Zoo Tycoon, and a few others), but the price and policies really ruined it for a lot of people. Not me, though, and the policies were changed before the launch anyway. There were also some unfortunate presentation hiccups with Crimson Dragon and Battlefield 4. Overall, a really solid B.

I thought the games themselves at E3 to be fantastic. Xbone had such a strong 1st year lineup.

BF4 Titanfall DR3 + the DLC Ryse PVZ Garden Warfare

Made for an amazing launch window, and Sunset arriving just 1 year after was also really good.

Too bad for the DRM, price and power controversy, it completely destroyed any chance xbone had right of the bat.

This might just be my mad conspiracy theory, but while the xbox one did have its legitimate issues I believe sony conducted a smear campaign to exacerbate the issues. Remember the company with less morals is going to have an advantage and sony is a pretty seedy company, remember the north korea sony hack!

You can tell Andrew house and the other execs got a massive hard on when they dealt blows to xbox.

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The actual show was excellent. It amuses me everyone keeps mixing it up with the console reveal event.

I was honestly a lot more excited for Xbox one than I am xbox series x, after their e3 events.

Whilst I will get a series x day one, as I am excited for future games and that, the cgi fest of this years event did very little for me :frowning:

Personally, I remember rating Microsoft’s E3 2013/E3 2014/E3 2015 as being better than Sony’s as they simply had the better showcases for those three years in my opinion. Great overall showcases.

I don’t believe that there was a “smear campaign” by Sony. Sony simply took advantage of Microsoft’s fuck ups which to be honest, is exactly what you should be doing if you’re the other company.

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Either that or the fans are doing sonys job for them, I suppose it was only gaf and n4g twisting the knife.

Microsoft screwed up pre-E3 2013 and majority just ran with those screw ups. If Microsoft were to have an amazing Series X launch, im sure we would see the same but in the opposite direction.

A because of Killer Instinct and probably my most played game this generation. :slight_smile: and it was my reason for getting XBO at launch.

It was really bad in some places, a fair few just made everything negetive about xbox one, I remember theres were false reports of xbox one anolog sticks being worn out and loads of posters where like “yikes” “uh oh”. Pretty ironic it turned out the ps4 sticks were easily worn, but like I say it was mainly gaf and n4g.