Xbox now has "100M+ monthly active community members"

“Xbox Live Now Has Over 100 Million Monthly Active Users”

Some of the previous numbers I found:

October 2015: 39 million

July 2016: 49 million

July 2018: 57 million

June 2019: 65 million

April 2020: nearly 90 million

September 2020: over 100 million


Does anyone know what actually means? I assume this is not the same as MAU.

I assume they mean Xbox Live monthly active users. I don’t see any other possibility with that number ?

They had nearly 90M Xbox Live MAU in April. Over 100M seems credible I guess ?

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I will assume all unique accounts signing into Xbox Live, including say even people on Switch and PS4 playing Minecraft, Xbox official forums. Silver and Gold accounts, game pass, Xbox and PC people.

No matter how you spin it, it’s a great number. It means Xbox has a thriving community.